Personality Development Tips [Pdf and Ppt]

 Hi guys, welcome to the blog, we are back to school, yippee! today we are going to learn 5 tips on Personality Development.

Personality development tips

Are you wondering why are we in school today? Well, that's because I saw you bunking some important school lessons, yes and those lessons will be learned today. I know you were doing all naughty things that time and that made you bunk some important lesson, I know.

Okay don’t overthink guys, I think we should do some drama sometimes. So we all know that school is the place where we gain the major chunk of our education, but sadly certain essential skills are not taught at schools, and in this session today I've got for you five essential skills like empathyconflict resolving skillsasking questionsnegotiating, body language, and listening skills that we were not taught in our schools by our teachers. 

But these skills are extremely important for the real world and by the real world, I mean the practical world where you need practical skills for better personality development tips, especially for students.

For example, skills to operate at your workplace, at your college, or with your network of friends and colleagues. So, as you already know Skillopedia, is the place to learn skills for the real world, and let's get started.

So here is a cheat sheet to the five essential skills that your school missed teaching you and how you can cultivate these skills now.

5 Important Personality Development Tips -

 1. First skill “Empathy”:-

 Why don't you try and guess the name of the skill? Okay, here you go, “She is always sitting in the corner, that's why no one likes her, even I don't like her and I don't know why she is always sad, I won't go and talk to her.” Aha! This was harsh. Could you guess, which is this skill our school hasn't taught us? Well, this child did not show any empathy towards her classmate. But what is empathy?

So, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. Basically, it means to put yourself in someone's shoe, whether it fits you or not, but try to feel what they are feeling. So, this is one skill that we are not taught in our school. Now the question is, how to show empathy towards someone and how to use it as a tool for building relationships?

So, step one is, ‘to be present for the person and hear their side of the story '.

Step two is ‘when you hear someone's story, see it from their point of view, do not judge what's right or what's wrong ’. Just listen to their emotions.

Step third is ‘ask questions to understand them better, give encouragement and offer to help if possible ’.

2. Conflict resolving skills:-

Now the second skill you to guess, here we go, “You broke my pencil.” “That's because you didn't return my eraser.” “I'm gonna talk to you, you are so mean, go away.” Could you guess which skill is this? 

Well, this is a bomb-disposal skill which we call ‘conflict resolving’.

Conflicts are so common in our lives just as you saw one now and conflict is a serious argument or disagreement that you can have with someone over a matter. Now conflicts aren't avoidable, are they? But resolving them is possible.

So this is another skill that is ignored in our school and that's why the person you had a disagreement with within grade eight, almost became your enemy when you passed out from the school. Okay, well that's happened with me though.

Now the best way to resolve conflict is first, ‘to respond but never react’. So responding to the situation means you keep emotions in control and focus on the problem, not the person. Let's say your colleague, let's say you found out that your colleague complained about your late coming to the boss. Now here is a conflict. You're quite angry.

Things you should have to take care of:

So the first thing is to respond to it by coming on time and don't react by shouting at them. So that's the difference.

 Second, you should let the other person know that you want to come to an agreement. In this case, you will talk to your colleague and resolve the issue before it escalates or escalates.

Third, clearly and quietly communicate what you want from the situation. So here you could respectfully go to your colleague and tell them not to interfere in your personal decisions, fantastic.

This personality development tip, I think is most important for a student because this skill helps him/her to solve most of his life problems. 

3. Third Skill “Asking questions”:-

Now let's guess the fourth skill, “Yes ma'am, I know that answer, I will answer this question.” “What do you ask me?” “I know the answer.” We often say that in school.

Well, I never asked too many questions because I didn't know if the answers were right. Okay, so I think you must have got it now I'm talking about, ‘asking questions ’. Yes, a good communicator is not somebody who has all the answers, but someone who has good questions to keep the interaction going.

So a great way to ask good questions is to ask questions that could lead to interesting answers. To do that you should keep your questions open-ended.

By that I mean you should ask questions that cannot be answered yes, that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. But questions that require a detailed answer and will add spice to your conversations and keep your conversations going.

For example, you could ask, “What are you planning to do immediately after your graduation?” Instead of saying, “Are you graduating in April?” Which would be usually answered as, “Yes.” Or, “No.” Okay, now here is for you to guess the next skill. “Can you give me that cookie?” “Yes, but It’s 400 bucks.” “Okay, but my mama gave me only 50.” “Okay, take it for 50 but give me the rest tomorrow.” “Okay this is such an expensive cookie, it must be delicious.”

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4. Forth Skill “Negotiate”:-

Oh! Do you think this child knows how to negotiate? Well, I think he doesn't know.

Many people find “negotiation “as one of the hardest communication skills to learn. Well, there must be nice people. I said that because negotiation is a skill that is all about trying to gain personal interest by reaching an agreement with the other party.

But this is also a necessary skill if you are involved in dealings every day. And the fact is that no one can avoid negotiating in life and work. So whether you're at a grocery store or at the office doing a business deal you will need to negotiate. So let's learn the technique to negotiate which wasn't taught in our schools.

The first step, ‘be assertive’, which means you should be confident and stern about what you want. As if someone is ready to negotiate with you, you have something they need. So when you're asking aim as high as you think is possible for them.

Second, “you must have a choice,” so if they disagree with your requirements, you must have other options.

Third, ‘show them how you're looking for a win-win situation’, which means that you want both the parties to have enough benefits.

5. Last Skill “Listening carefully”:-

So here we are at the last skill for the day have a hunch, I mean have I guess, “She talks so much, she's always blabbering, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, why do teachers talk so much?” “Oh you know what I got a new car and you know what, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.” This is how kids are. When teachers are teaching they just can't keep quiet so it often happens that we find it hard to trust somebody who talks a lot but when a person is a good listener we see her or him as someone patient and easy to trust.

Well, that's why actively listening to others is another essential skill that was not put in our goodie bags in the school. So how to develop this skill of listening to someone patiently? 

Well, it's pretty simple, you have to listen to the other person as if he or she is the most important person in the world at that time.

You should be fully attentive and you should not pass judgments about what they are saying most importantly don't keep thinking about what you will say next. These are the qualities of a good listener.

So here you have your next guess, I hope you're enjoying this. “Today I am going to talk about my family. I have five people in my family they are my parents and my family.” “They always fight with each other, whenever I go home my brother never opens the door for me, so this is my family thank you so much.”

Do you know :

That almost 97% of all the communication that you make is nonverbal? Like you just saw this kid, he didn't move his arms, she didn't move his arms. So what I mean here is that when you're communicating with someone your body language is as important as what you speak and this is one skill you must master.

So for having good body language the first most important thing is ‘smile’. Smile at everyone from the bottom of your heart when you meet them.

Then "eye contact" look the person in the eye as you talk to them. So they know that you are listening and are listening.

And lastly, combine smiling with eye contact and a good firm handshake.

 So this is how you can improve your body language with three very simple steps. So here we saw some essential skills, yeah, lesson over… yippee! So here you saw some really useful, essential skills like showing empathy, resolving conflict, asking great questions, listening to others, and using your body language correctly.

These are some of the skills we did not learn in our schools, which is why I have seen so many young people who have just passed out of school. And they have absolutely no understanding of the practical problems the world is going to face for them.

So, for this very reason, I've made this special session with you so that you won't face any trouble in your workplace or in your day-to-day dealings. But I genuinely believe that some of you have benefited from this. And you will try to develop and cultivate these skills to have a better hand at dealing with practical problems through practical solutions.

Personality Development Tips pdf  

Personality Development Tips Ppt  

At the End : 

So thanks for staying with me till the end and I hope these Personality Development Tips will really help you to add a great impact on your personality. And the lesson is over, so bye-bye. 

And don't forget to get those Personality Development Tips ppt and pdf.

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