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Sadness and overthinking are one of the main problems that greatly increase overstress conditions and are also the main reason for being less productive. One day someone told me a beautiful thing - He said - When my mother had to prepare the dough. She would put a cloth to cover it. She didn't want anyone to see how much flour or dough is present. Because even if someone would see it And comment that the quantity is less. That will create an energy of lack at home. And everyone will eat roti is made out of that flour. That is why usually the flour is kept covered at home. 

Overcome Stress

Likewise, Prasad is kept covered at temples or gurdwaras. Nobody can see the quantity. And never does a temple or Gurdwara fall short of Prasad, no matter how many people take it. It never gets finished. Because if someone asks if there is enough They say there is more than enough. Even if 10 more people are expected, they say - Bring 20 people if you want to. Buy thinking in speaking that there is more than enough, it actually becomes more than enough. But at home we say - There is very little left, so just take care how much you eat. And then it is no more about the food. 

It is more about the energy or lack of life. Because we have added the energy of lacking in the food at home. Every such thought affects our state of mind. Now our vocabulary also includes - I don't have enough time. How much time do we have? If we don't have enough time what should we say? By saying we don't have enough time Then it was not about lack of time. It was about lack of happiness, health, and harmony. Because we are repeatedly saying we have less. 

Another sentence to get rid of this year is - I am very busy. If someone asks you if you have time, tell them you have more than enough. Tell them you have more time than you need. As soon as we create this vibration We are attracting abundance into our life. There was a time when people's houses were small, but they said they have a lot of space. Today The Homes are a lot bigger but people say - We have less space. The quality of our thoughts has gone down. So just create the right energy. It's not about the size of the house or the time we have. It is about the vibration of our thoughts and language that is radiating. 

So how much time do we have? A lot. How much space do we have? A lot. The sister sang a beautiful song about gratitude. When we are grateful, the house is filled with the energy of gratitude. When we have gratitude, we will like everything. Objects are the same but my vibration is high. Because I am grateful for everything that I have. So on the day when something is not okay, We will not feel disturbed. Because we are at the gratitude of vibration which is high. 

Why do we always complain?

But we are almost always at an average vibration, complaining - Why is it like this, this should not have been here ... Which means we are vibrating at a low level. Now if there is a situation that is not my way, my vibration will collapse. Because we were already at a low vibration. What are the things we can be grateful for? As soon as we wake up, gratitude to God. What else to be grateful for? Because it should become a part of our first thoughts in the morning. Then we will start vibrating higher. Our Auras are at different vibrations. We should use vocabulary that will keep us at a high vibration throughout the day. Because when we set out for the day Vibrations of people around us are slightly low. 

If we don't take care to keep our vibrations high We will get pulled down. But if we elevate our energy early in the morning and then set out Then we will uplift other people's energy also throughout the day. It all depends on which floor we are on. So we have to vibrate at the highest frequency. Our every thought and word should be of the highest frequency. Gratitude is at the highest frequency. Use your hands to fix the level of frequency. Complaining is at a lower frequency. The situation does not matter. Where we are in our state of mind makes a difference. The situation can be at any frequency, isn't it? But if we believe that only when everything is fine I will be grateful That only when people are nice to me I will be thankful Then we will be fluctuating all the time emotionally. So so let's bring out the gratitude list. The first is gratitude to God. Next is to give gratitude to the mind for being happy. The third is to give gratitude to the body for being perfectly healthy. Give gratitude to people with who you live and work.

 What about people who are troubling us? And what about the problems in our life? Because giving gratitude to good things will get forgotten in a few days. We will be thinking more about people who have not been nice to us. Gratitude means gratitude for everything. It doesn't mean gratitude only for things going right. And complaining about things that are not right. It just means I vibrate at a frequency of gratitude. We should not fluctuate there. I vibrate at the frequency of gratitude. So what about gratitude for people who are troubling us? Right now we are talking only about one vibration - either gratitude or complaint. What about people who were troubling us? Give gratitude? Why should we be grateful to them? Do we realize what they are teaching us? They are teaching us that their state of mind Is not affecting our state of mind If I can have gratitude and be higher, despite their low vibration. They are teaching us to become emotionally independent.

 If they would not come into our lives And not troubled us And if everything would have been fine in our life How would we take our Energy field higher? So we need to be very thankful to them. They came into our lives They brought down our ego. Without them, our ego would have stayed higher. They are very important people in our life. Because of them, Sanskar's transformation happens. Because of them, our emotional health improves. Because if no one says anything to us And we do not change ourselves here How will we increase our strength? If Everyone keeps telling us that we are very nice Then if we do not take care It is easy for us to shift from humility and create ego. 

So gratitude to any problem that comes in our life. It has come because of some reason. Whenever there is a challenge the first thought should be this - There is something beneficial in this situation. We may not be able to see any benefit at that moment. Have you experienced that certain situations don't seem good when they occur? But after several years we will look back and say - It happened for the good. How many of you have experienced it? That later we reflect and say whatever happened was actually good. Later we agree that it was beneficial. But when it actually happened, how much energy did we waste? Better would be to have faith in yourself and in your destiny That everything happening to me is for the good. So whenever there is a challenge in front of you, your family, or your children, create a thought - There is something beneficial in this situation. 

We don't need to be able to see whatever is accurate and beneficial. Suppose your child applies for admission to four colleges. But he wants admission to one particular college. Suppose he doesn't get a seat there. He gets a seat elsewhere. He is not happy with it. His energy went down. Now we need to elevate his energy. And that is not only for the time being He has to go to that college for the next four years. If he goes to that college and willingly for four years If it keeps saying - I don't like this place. He will not be able to give his best. Because he is going there with low vibration daily. Our role is to feel it and say it with conviction and faith There is something absolutely beneficial in the college where you have got admission. It is beneficial for you and therefore you have got a seat here. 

Gratitude to that illness Otherwise we would have followed the wrong Lifestyle for a lifetime. So be so grateful to that illness that That the illness will also go away because it gets a lot of positive energy from you. Gratitude to the illness. Otherwise, we would not have changed our diet. We would have eaten the wrong diet. Everything is coming for a reason. But where we want to take it from that point is in our hands. The biggest obstacles in life can also make our destiny beautiful. Provided that we kept our thoughts elevated, in the face of that obstacle. On the other hand, if life is perfect but our thoughts are not right Even then destiny will not dear happy one. So how should a vibration be in every line with think or speak? Is it easy? Can we change your language from today? Yes. Imagine - if Mumbai changes its language Then it becomes easier to change the language in other cities of India. 

Because it goes out from here. When we don't pay attention, today we are using such low energy words sometimes Which is not even the so-called Normal language. We even use abusive language. Which justifies that everyone speaks the same way. Just because everyone is cursing themselves with such language, should we also copy them? We heard someone speaking that way, we caught those words. We made it a part of our vocabulary And we started using it. Anyone here who uses such language which is not just low but is the lowest? You can raise your hands, not a problem. 

We will change it from today. Nobody here uses that language? Actually, many of those words have gone into the definition of normal vocabulary today. So we don't even realize that it is part of that low vocabulary. Because when many people start using those words That vibration is in the air. Maybe in a book, in a movie, or in the lyrics of a song you heard it That is one thing. But when everyone starts speaking that line It starts becoming the vibration of the country, city, and our homes. So those very low vibrations should be e given up immediately, Stop other people in your family from using them. Can you help each other to finish it? This means if someone speaks such a line Stop them and ask them to repeat that line. Do you remember how you taught children to speak? If they used the wrong word, what would we say? We would ask them to repeat it. If they went wrong again, we would again ask them to repeat. We would do that until they learned to speak correctly.

 It's time to change vocabulary. If someone Speaks a negative energy word Whether it is ourselves or someone else Stop. Change. And then say it. It will start manifesting. If someday you watch your life as a detached observer You can see that whatever you speak is actually manifesting. It is happening. We are not aware and we are not seeing our power, that is all manifesting. Thoughts manifest. So we need to change the vibrations and vocabulary of the self and others. Let me tell you that once my saree got stuck to a nail and tore a bit. I stitched it immediately. Bade labeled it as a sari that had got torn. I would refer to it by that name. 

The next time it tore once again. I did not realize and I continued to call it the saree that had got torn. No other clothes have ever got torn in my life. But that one particular saree got torn 4 times. Because I kept referring to it like that. When you keep saying it, more of it keeps happening. Nothing else will get affected. But when you label something like that Whether the label is on a dress Or on your vehicle Sometimes we say - that vehicle which got a dent the other day Take out that vehicle which has a scratch now. Such low vibration words. When we do it three or four times we say All other vehicles are fine. This vehicle is always involved in some incidents. It keeps happening with that vehicle because We keep thinking and speaking that way about this vehicle So whether it is a vehicle, dress, house people, relationships, our body, or the world. As we think, so will the reality manifest. So never put labels on people. We add labels to people. We put labels on ourselves. I am like this. 

For example, if someone says - Don't feel so bad. We say - That is my nature. I am like that. When they endorse that it is our nature, that becomes a blessing for us, Our nature which means Svabhav refers to Sva ka bhav Our nature is always to be at higher energy. God teaches us to never accept any negative Sanskar saying - This is my nature. Because when you say it is my nature What will happen? Even for others, we should not say - This is his nature. If you lovingly tell someone repeatedly - You are mine ... You are mine ... They will sit with you. They will not leave you after that. Likewise, God teaches us to never speak about a negative Sanskar as - This is my nature ... This is my nature ... When we say that, then that Sanskar will not change. My nature is only - Purity, peace, love, happiness Power, bliss This is my nature.

 Other negative Sanskars are like stains which are getting removed now. Don't call those your nature. When someone comes late, we say - This is his nature. Let's not think and speak of what the present reality is. When someone asks - Why are you late again? They say - What to do? I keep trying to come in time. But coming late has become my nature. Every word has consequences. You might have watched Mahabharat on TV. It had a beautiful scene. When the 5 Pandavs brought Draupadi home Their mother's back was facing them. When Yudhishthir asked his mother to see The mother said - All of you share whatever you have brought. Because as a mother she always told them to share with each other, what they had. 

So without even turning back, she simply told them to share among themselves. After she turned back and saw Draupadi, she wanted to take her words back. But Yudhishthir insisted that once she said something It cannot be undone. What was this scene teaching us? Every message from our scriptures was trying to teach us something. The message was that don't just think can't speak anything casually because your vibration radiates out. In spirituality when we consume high energy content daily Gradually our vocabulary will have high energy words. Today we have a lot of content around us. And their vibrations are not very good. 

As we keep listening, reading, and watching it, we become that way. So we need to protect ourselves from what we are getting from the environment. The most important precaution we need to take at this time We need to abstain from the content we are consuming. We and of course our children. This is very important. Growing up, our generation did not have TV and phone. We were not bombarded with more content. Because of that, the energy of the society was different. Once we had TV at home We used to have serials once a week and they were of good quality. Comedy was of good quality There was happiness at home. Every serial was aired only once a week. Gradually it changed, and the show would be added every day. And then the way news was presented, changed. Anybody can check this. Prepare statistics of media and also prepare statistics of our culture. You can see a direct relationship between the two. Check how we were in the 1990s. And then how we were in the 2000s, 2010, and now in 2020. And now we have enormous content.

Children of Today era: 

Today's children don't have to wait until the next day to watch a serial. Today patience in them is finished. Because today they are not having to wait for anything. The industry is doing what they feel is right for their business. Today  - if you don't get the order within the stipulated time, you can cancel the order. They are doing it to promote their good business. Timeliness needs to be their discipline. But what happens to my Sanskar? If I don't get anything in time in my life, I will cancel it. This becomes my Sanskar which I am not even aware of

More and more we will want people to be my way, the world should be my way, life should be my way ... And when life is not my way Today even in small situations they say - I don't feel like living anymore. Because they don't have the habit of life not being their way. Because they kept getting everything they wanted. So abstain from certain content of what you listen, read, and watch. And how much content to consume? Even if a child watches 5 episodes overnight And that show made in some other country, reflects the culture in that country. It is fine for that country but we are to live here isn't it? We need to live with our family. We are reading and watching about their families. So our thought patterns will become that way. So we will find it difficult to adjust to this family where we live. Because everything we listen to, read, and the watch is our emotional diet. So if anyone wants to change their emotional health, they only need to take care of their emotional diet. Can we take care?

 There are messages on the phone throughout the day. It's not necessary to read everything. Not necessary to watch everything. Consume only what is essential. If we watch every video, listen to every joke, consume every message The mind will have an overload of information. And when there is more of something here, those things will start happening more in reality.