What is freelancing and how to do it

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In today's article, we going to be telling you about a very important topic for all of you. Today I will tell you what is freelancing and how to do it and how we can start to earn money from freelancing in detail.

What is freelancing and how to do it

In today's era, everyone has the internet. No one knew that after the internet came, everything in the world would be starting online. After the development of the Internet, many people will start asking for goods online from their homes, and in the same way, by doing online jobs through the internet, they started earning money sitting at home.

Unemployment is a very big issue and every year thousands of people lose their jobs. By the way, online earning is also a very good idea. You can earn money online by blogging and YouTube, but it takes both hard work and time. It does not come quickly. If someone wants to earn money quickly through the internet, then all of them should do freelancing. Now let me tell you in detail What Is freelancing.

What is Freelancing?

The biggest feature of freelancing is that you can do your time at any time and sit in any corner of the world. You are your own boss. Nobody is going to stop you. Your client just wants you to do his job well within the deadline. 

Definition: If a person uses his skills in his mind's space and time, works for someone else, and takes money, it is called freelancing. One-way freelancing is online work from home for a lifetime. Example- Suppose you know content writing and you are good at the art of writing. If another person needs your service, then he will contact you and give you money in exchange for work.

Freelancing is done for many skills, such as - content writing, SEO, Graphic designing, video editing, etc. But you have to keep in mind that you have to take the same projects for freelancing, which skill you actually know, otherwise you can get a low rating. 

How to actually use freelancing websites? 

So far you have known what is freelancing. Now you might be wondering where we will get clients from. We have just come into the freelancing industry. A simple answer is freelancing websites.

Freelancing websites are websites where you get freelancing projects. Now let me tell you how these websites work. The system of every website is slightly different, so I will tell you a general case scenario.

Freelancing websites are a platform where freelancers and clients can find and talk to each other. It works by introducing freelancers and clients.

You first have to create your account here, after that you can see here that you will find all kinds of freelancers here.

If you want to become a freelancer, then you can create your profile here and tell what kind of work you are an expert in doing. If a client likes your profile or gigs, then he will contact you. This way you can find many clients. 

How to do freelancing?

Now you know where to get clients for freelancing websites. Now I will tell you the steps to do the freelancing.

Follow these points-

• Choose a field/skill in which you feel you are good and can give freelancing services.

• Now decide which clients you want to work for. Short-term clients or long-term clients? Multinational companies or startups?

• Now keep the price. If you are a beginner, then keep your price low. As you become experienced and your skills get better, so increase your price.

• Make your portfolio good so that people know you. This makes people believe that work comes quickly.

• If you want to get high-paying clients and good projects, then you must make a network with good people. The network is your net worth.

Types of Freelancing jobs

We also told you earlier that there are many types of jobs available in freelancing. Anyway, the demand for online work is increasing nowadays. Therefore, freelancing is a very good option.

So, let's see now freelance jobs: -

• Content Writer

• Content Marketer

• SEO Analyst

• Graphic Designer (UX / UI)

• Video Editor

• Social Media Manager

• Teacher

• Web Development

• Mobile App Developer

• Digital Marketing Services

• Proofreader

• Data Scraping

This list is not even half. But these are the main jobs, you can see more on the websites on Google.

How to earn money from Freelancing?

 So, far we have seen what is freelancing. Now we try to know how to earn money from Freelancing. In all the ways we saw above, you can earn online using all those methods. If you want to earn money from freelancing, then you have to improve your skillset. The better your skills, the better you get the projects.

Freelancing Websites:

You can use all these freelancing websites. From all these websites you will get freelancing projects very easily. Remember, it takes the most time to get the first project.

Top freelancing websites are-

• Upwork

• Freelancer

• People per hour

• Guru

• 99designs

• Fiver

• iFreelance

• Freelanced

• Pitch me

• Simply Hired

• Tutor

• Takelessons

• ItalkiConclusion:

I hope you have understood what is freelancing and how to do that. We have told you about many freelancing websites and many freelance job ideas and how to get projects.

After that, we also told you how to earn money from     freelancing. In this, we told you about many such skills with which you can earn money sitting at home.

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