How to make money with telegram- 11 Methods

How to make money with telegram- 11 Methods

Friends, do you want to earn money from Telegram or are you wondering how to make money from Telegram if you want to get information about it. So, today in this article we will tell you how to earn money from Telegram app .

Friends, there is more social media from where money can be made, such as YouTube, Facebook etc. Tik Tok ​​was also an add-on to social media. But keeping the security in mind, the Government of India has banned it.

If you do not know what is Telegram? So, first you need to know what is Telegram? Because even today, there are many people on social media like YouTube, Facebook etc. but about  Telegram people know very less basically in India .

What is Telegram? 

Friends, Telegram is a messaging app like WhatsApp, today the popularity of Telegram application is increasing drastically. It is a cloud based instant messaging server . Here too, you can chat online with your family or friends just like WhatsApp.

Telegram is also available for all platforms like Android, windows , ios. Telegram is considered very secure and easy to use. Friends, the biggest feature is that all your data is stored on  Telegram's  server.  This helps in not having full storage in your phone. Because you will not be able to store big documents files in your phone for a long time. Even if you store, after a few days the storage in your phone will become full. 

Telegram also has many features available like WhatsApp, such as you can create Telegram groups, create channels on Telegram, you can use stickers like WhatsApp, here telegram bots are also present.

Telegram app is the app of which country?

Friends, thousands of applications are available in the Play Store. Which has some India applications. So some other countries' apps exist. There is definitely a question in which country is Telegram an app?

Today people have a lot of anger towards China, so before downloading any app, try to know which country it belongs to. For your information, let us know that WhatsApp is not an Indian app. If Telegram does the same thing, Telegram is the app of the Russian company owned by two brothers One such Nasty Campaign was run to ruin WhatsApp .

People therefore started uninstalling WhatsApp and installing Telegram in their phones. But later when it was investigated, it was revealed that all this was being done to ruin WhatsApp.

It is true that telegram has become  popular now  a days in India too . But the twist in the story is that Telegram is also not an Indian company's app, which means that it is also not an Indian app.

Now it comes to which country Telegram is an app, let us explain its entire story in a small way.

Telegram originated in Russia. Telegram was produced by Nikloi and Pavel (two brothers) and Axel Neff. Due to some rules of Russia, Telegram was shifted from there. Now its office was first shifted to Dubai then Singapore or sometimes Berlin. But now its official Telegram office has been built in Dubai .

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How to make money with Telegram app?

There are many ways to earn money from Telegram channel. We did our own research and collected the most popular and interesting model of monetizing the Telegram channel. Let me tell you what I find.

1) Affiliate Marketing

The craze of affiliate marketing is that whenever a visitor visits a website through your affiliate link, you are paid the commission (according to the commission rate) of affiliate marketing.

Friends Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and best option to earn money from Telegram. If you have an active thousand or more subscribers, then you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, then definitely read our post about it, it has been told in detail.

2) Charging fees for joining Private Channel

This is another way to make money from Telegram channel that people should pay fees to join it. Typically, this strategy works in the following manner. You create a public channel (or account from social media) that you promote as well as provide valuable content. Apart from this, you have to create a private Telegram Channel and the user has to pay membership premium to stay connected to that channel. 

3) By making Telegram bots

For others it is a good option to earn money from Telegram by creating Telegram Bots. You can make bots for the business of other people. Today many people are earning a lot of money by making bots. This work is not very difficult, you can do it easily. Creating bots requires some creativity and technical knowledge.

4) Sell Sticker

 Stickers play a very important role in Telegram marketing. So, if you like creativity, you can make a good amount of money by making stickers for different telegram channels.

5) Link Shortener Website

Link Shortener means that you can share the link by shortening it on your Telegram channel. Whenever someone clicks on that link. You will get money for that. 

Friends, some link shortening websites are available which give money to the shareholder by shortening the link. That is, whenever a user clicks on the link, first the advertisement will be shown by the link shortener website and after that money will be transferred to your account. So it is also a good way to earn money from a telegram. If I give you opinion, Linkvertise, Shiplink gives a good return.

6) Paid Promotion

Although there is no service to promote your channel on Telegram, there is a need to increase followers by promoting people in the market by advertising their channels. Therefore, the only way is to advertise on other good channels.

Friends can also earn money by Paid Promotion . If your channel has a good number of subscribers, then you can promote others' telegram channel or YouTube or website here and take money from them.

Before doing Paid Promotion, make sure that you only promote trusted and reputed channels related to your niche. Otherwise, such advertisements can weaken your channel's popularity.

7) Refer & Earn 

If friends talk to Refer & Earn , this is also a good and easy way to earn money from Telegram. Today there are many such applications on the Google Play Store. Which can be installed. After this, share the link of this app on your Telegram channel and share your referral code. Whenever someone will download the app from there and enter your referral code, you will be paid from it.

8) Sell Product and Services

Friends, Affiliate Marketing or Refer & Earn is not just about selling. Here, if you have your own product or service, you can also sell it and earn money

For example, if you have a shop, then every customer who comes to buy goods at your shop, tell them about your telegram channel and say that if any common product is to be ordered at home, then contact them there can do. It is true that here you will have to do some physical work as well.

9) Online Teaching

Friends, if you like to teach children, then this is a good way to earn money from Telegram , here you can take your fees in exchange for it by teaching online students. With this you can teach anyone anywhere in the whole country.

10) By selling Telegram channel 

Friends, if you have good subscribers on Telegram channel, then this method is very useful for you even today, there are people who add good subscribers on Telegram and later sell the channel, here you can also do this and in exchange for selling good money. Can also be taken.

11) Becoming a Virtual Telegram Assistant

You can make money by managing and promoting their telegram channels to other people, for this, you have to create content, publish continuously, contact advertisers and customers, etc. Will have to work.

How to make money from telegram bots?

What is Telegram Bots? It is not a single person, but a telegram account run by the software.

Telegram bots apps offer the advantage of a competitive advantage over any other messenger. Bots reduce a lot of legwork of marketers concerned with a marketing purpose. 

Telegram bots help such as: -

  • Real-time helps in customer support.
  • Helps to share important information.
  • Reminds users of an event to occur
  • Helps in finding something.
  • Broadcast helps.
  • Helps integrate with other services.

Can you make money from telegram in 2021?

 Sure. Today the possibility of earning money through this app is huge. Although Telegram provides you with ways to earn a lot of money, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to land your Telegram channel. Because if everything was found easily then everybody would have done it.

So you need to work hard, create good content, keep posting continuously, and make sure that you are always one step ahead of your competitor. If you try better, Telegram will be a part of your regular income for 1 day.

What did you learn today?

Friend hope my post would have liked how to make money from Telegram. I try my best to provide all the information related to the Telegram app to all of you. So that readers do not have to go to any other site. The biggest savings from this will be your time.

I would also like that my articles are liked by all of you. If you have any kind of doubt, then ask in the comment box. I will try my best to reply to you.