14 Best URL SHORTENER to make money 2021

Let's see the best URL SHORTENER to make money

In this post, we will be going to discuss the Best URL shortener to make money online.

14 Best URL SHORTENER to make money

If you are a community editora blogger who makes money by writing articles, or a self-media operator, then you will definitely encounter when you want to promote or share content, the URL is always stinky and long so that your fans or audience will see it completely. Don't want to click in.

"Short URL" is very important at this time. 

The principle of URL shortening is to convert those long URLs into simple and neat "short URLs." In the past, people may often use Google's own abbreviated URL  google or the favorite PPT .cc platform, But these platforms later have some security issues and cannot continue to be used. 

As for now, what are the recommended platforms for shortening URLs? What are the functions of each platform? 

This article will explain one by one to help you find the Best URL SHORTENER to make money. What is the principle of URL shortening?

Shortening URLs can shorten a long list of URLs into shorter short URLs. In addition to being beautiful, it also allows some forums with URL length restrictions to share URLs smoothly.

It may seem magical, but the principle of URL shortening is actually the " web forwarding " that we often hear. Using forwarding, people who originally clicked on one page are directly transferred to another page.

For example, I shortened a string of long URL A too short URL B, then when I clicked on URL B, it would be automatically forwarded to URL A, which achieved the effect of shortening URL forwarding.


How to make money by URL Shortener websites?

It is very easy to earn money from URL Shortener Websites, you can shorten the URL  from the best highest paying  URL Shortener Website and add ads to the URL so that any person clicks on the short URL, then they see the ad first and then the main page appears. And we get paid for advertising seen by people.

We get paid for every advertisement seen by URL; thus, we can earn up to $ 2- $ 14 of 1000 URL Views.

The money you earn from URL Shortener Websites can be withdrawn to your Bank Account through your PayPal Account.

Note: URL money by Shortener making very difficult task because we know it is not easy to ask everyone to open the URL because the last page view is so difficult to open not everyone reaches there.


14 Best URL SHORTENER to make money online 

The following are the 14 best URL Shortener to make money: 




A/B test can be performed


Can generate QR code


Customizable abbreviated URL


Can customize the long URL

Cut win

Can Shorten the long URL


Get paid for URL shortening


URL Shortener


Compress the long URL


URL thumbnail can be set


Customizable abbreviated URL


Can customize the domain name


Can directly restore shortened URL


Can get advertising revenue


Can get advertising revenue

1. Lihi.io

Lihi.cc is basically a system that anyone who is doing online marketing will know. I think it is not so much a shortened URL platform as it is a URL integration platform. It is very versatile. Basically,  It has all the functions needed.

For example, if I want to put the link on different platforms, I can use it to customize the UTM after the link for classification, and follow-up tracking and management. In addition, if you are advertising and want to do an A/B test of a page, it can also use an abbreviated URL, but direct users to different pages, and then you can track the effectiveness of different pages. 

2. Reurl. cc

Reurl. cc is also a platform that I use very often. Its platform is designed to be very clean and comfortable, and the UI/UX is well done, and it is very intuitive to use.

In addition to being able to add UTM tracking at the end of the URL, the biggest feature is that the system will automatically generate QRcode for you. If there is a user in need, it can be downloaded and used directly, which is very convenient. In addition, in addition to the URL shortening function, it also has a time-limited lock code function for network pictures. This function is often used in some forums or communities with picture restrictions (the website cannot be posted, so you have to lock the code and use the link to Everyone exports the platform to watch). 

3. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is also an abbreviated URL platform used by many people. It has one of the biggest features, that is, the garbled code behind the abbreviated URL. 

If you only need the most basic URL shortening function, you can use it directly without registering a member. After registering a member, you will have more functions such as installing tracking tags and managing links.

If you become a paid member, you will have more functions, such as customizing the URL domain, automatically generating QRcode, adding UTM, exporting link data, and so on. (But in fact, some platforms can do these functions for free)

4, Shorte.st

Shorte.st is a popular website that you can blindly believe, this website also gives good money for every advertisement you see, working on this website you can get from $ 5 to $ 15 of 1000 Views, which is from another website More than.

With a minimum of $ 5 in your account on Shortest URL, you can do Withdraw, and you get 20% Commission on each Referral which you will get throughout your life as long as your Referral works on Shorte.st.

Payment Options:

Payments: At least $ 5 of 1000 Views and a maximum of $ 15
Minimum Withdraw$ 5
Referral Commission20% lifetime
Payment typePayPal, Payeer, Web money, etc.

5. Cut Win

Cut Win website also gives money at a higher rate. URLs are Shortener Websites By using this you can reduce up to $ 8.5 for every 1000 Views, you can make at least $ 10 Withdraw on this website and you get 20% of all Referral earnings for your entire life.

Payment Options:

Payments - maximum (maximum) $ 14.5 of 1000 views
Minimum Withdraw - $ 10
Referral Commission - 20% lifetime
Payment type - PayPal, Payza, Vodafone Cash, Bitcoin, etc.

 6. Spaste

Spaste website is also a good website, you can earn good money by working on it, on this website you get up to $ 6 of 1000 Views and a 10% Referral Commission is always available.

You can also withdraw at least $ 5 on this website.

Payment Options;

Payments - more than $ 6 of 1000 Views
Minimum Withdraw - $ 5
Referral Commission - 10% lifetime
Payment type – PayPal


7. Oke.io

You get up to $ 5 of 1000 Views from Oke.io so you can withdraw at least $5 Referral Commission gets up to 20% lifetime.

For Pay-out you use Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, and Skrill can do.

Payment Options:

Payments - at least $ 5 of 1000 views and maximum (5) $ 5
Minimum Withdraw - $ 5
Referral Commission - 20% lifetime
Payment type - PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc.


8. Al.ly

You get up to $ 13.5 of 1000 views on Ally website and the best part of it is that you can also withdraw at least $ 1 from this website.

Referral commission is available for a 20% lifetime and you can use PayPal, Payza, Skrill, and Payoneer to withdraw money withdraw.

Payment Options

Payments - more than $ 13.50 of 1000 Views
Minimum Withdraw - $ 1
Referral Commission - 20% lifetime
Payment type - PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc.

9. Picsee.io

Picsee.io is an abbreviated URL platform that is very suitable for use on social platforms because its abbreviated URLs are not only shortened but the "thumbnails" on the social platform can also be set by themselves.

In the past, even if shortened URLs were used, what was displayed on the social platform could only be the cover image of the original article or video link, but these cover images may be suitable for their respective platforms, but they may be more relevant on the community. Not eye-catching.

Therefore, the picsee.io function that can set thumbnails is used by many blogs, Youtubers, Internet celebrities, media reporters, etc. that often appear in the community.

10. TinyURL

Tinyurl.com has been around for a long time, and it is a platform that many people have been using. In the early days, its page was relatively young, but after a major revision, the interface is now very modern and intuitive to use.

In the function part, if you have not registered, you can also shorten the URL directly, and you can set the garbled code behind the shortened URL. After registering as a member, you can even use your own domain on the shortened URL.

If you become a paid member, you can add tags to the URL and perform batch tracking. All data will be kept for you for at least two years so that you can check the effectiveness of your links at any time.

11. Rebrandly

Compared with other platforms, rebrandly does not have as many functions, but its biggest feature is the ability to put the domain in front of the shortened URL with its own brand domain so that the entire shortened URL has higher brand recognition.

As long as you register as a member, you can customize 5 different domain names for free, generate more than 500 links, and track the number of clicks per month (up to 5000).

If you become a paid member, the number of links that can be generated and the number of clicks that can be tracked each month will increase, and you will be provided with monthly data analysis reports.

12. Expanded

Seriously speaking, expanded.net cannot be regarded as a shortened URL platform. It can be regarded as a shortened URL restoration tool, which can help you restore a shortened URL to the original long URL.

In fact, restoring the shortened URL is a way for many marketers to track or observe competing products. You can know the tags buried in the link, and the keywords and descriptions of the webpage can also be seen. It's clear.

In addition, if you see an abbreviated URL of unknown origin on the Internet, you can copy it and use this platform to restore it, and you can know whether the link is safe or not.

13. Boo.tw

Boo.tw is a platform that can make money by shortening URLs. Simply put, its operating mechanism is to first jump users to a page full of advertisements, and then ask users to click the button to go to the real page.

At this time, the platform will distribute some of the revenue generated by the user to the advertisement page to the shortened URL user, and these revenues can be collected by bank transfer or Paypal transfer.

However, the problem with this approach is that users will be directed to the advertisement page, and it is easy to think that the wrong page is clicked, and if the entire page is turned off, there is no way for them to reach the original target page.

14. Adf.ly

adf.ly is also a website shortening platform to make money, but it allows users to choose whether to make the link profitable (or not to the advertising page), so it can be used as a general website shortening platform.

If it is a general abbreviated URL platform, its functions are quite complete. In addition to customizing the domain name, you can also set the garbled characters behind the abbreviated URL, and even have functions such as GA analysis, multiple links, etc.

It is the most trustworthy and most famous website; on this, you get more than $ 5 of 1000 views, and the Referral Commission is for a 20% lifetime. You can make at least $ 5 with Pay raw using PayPal, Payza, Alipay.

Payment Options

Payments - more than $ 5 of 1000 Views
Minimum Withdraw - $ 5
Referral Commission - 20% lifetime
Payment type – PayPal, Payza, Alipay, etc.

In addition, if it is a revenue link, the advertisement page that it leads in the middle can be set to be a full-screen advertisement (Interstitial Advertisement) or a banner advertisement (Framed Banner), and the profit-sharing will be different. Withdrawal is to use Paypal or Payoneer.

Advantages of using URL Shortener:

  • Beautify the appearance of the URL: The biggest function of shortening the URL is to shorten the URL of the ugly long URL. On the one hand, it is beautiful, and on the other hand, it does not occupy the space and does not look like an advertisement link.

  • Free from character restrictions: Some forums or communities (such as Twitter in the past) will limit the length of the shared URL, so the use of abbreviated URLs can effectively reduce the characters and help to post the link smoothly.
  • Can avoid link restrictions: Some platforms will restrict certain links, but if the URL is shortened, it can be posted smoothly. For example, Facebook’s restrictions on affiliate marketing links can be resolved by shortening the URL.
  • More convenient to track: Basically, shortened URL platforms can track your shortened URLs, you can see information such as page views, revenue..., and you can also know where the links are most effective.
  • Other specific functions: In addition to the basic URL shortening function, some URL shortening platforms have special functions, such as batch shortening, automatic forwarding, target page switching... etc.

Disadvantages of using URL Shortener:

  • Malicious links are widespread: because shortened URLs will not show the original URL appearance, it is common for malicious links to be hidden in the shortened URLs, which may be viral URLs or advertisements with adult content.
  • Reduce user experience: Some shortened URLs will first be imported into the advertising page, which will greatly reduce the user experience quality, and indirectly may also affect SEO (if you are running a blog ).

In conclusion

The above is the best highest paying URL Shortener recommendation for everyone. If the content is wrong, or if there are other platforms to add, please leave a message below.

Shortening URLs is not only to improve the appearance, but also a very important function in online marketing. Effective use can help your entire business optimize marketing effectiveness and improve performance.

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