How to Make Money On Pinterest In 2021

When it comes to making money online, people often have their eyes on the Internet. It is true that the Internet is a very good source of income, but not only the internet alone, the social network is also a very important source of income even in 2021 many people use Pinterest to make money online.

Make Money On Pinterest In 2021

In fact, social networks are used to entertain, discuss and share. Nevertheless, these are real ways to earn money online. Apart from this, they are also very popular. Pinterest is one of the social networks that make it possible to earn money online.

Pinterest is known for exploring creative and original ideas in fashion, clothing, crafts, lifestyles, and more. As a user, you can tell your audience about your attraction and your various life projects through Digital Photo Album. This is a photo-sharing network. On the other hand, if you are an experienced user, Pinterest is a great tool to earn money. In this post, you will learn about the best ways to make money with Pinterest.


What is Pinterest

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a web and mobile application that acts as a Photo Sharing Website. It is founded in March 2010 by Paul Shearer, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silberman. Facebook ranks first among the Social networks and for second place is a fierce competition between Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. 

It has more than 70 million users, mostly bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. Pinterest is currently exerting a great influence on Social Media. Although it is a Photo Sharing Website, it is difficult to find a convenient place like Pinterest on other social media in terms of business. So, with Pinterest, you can grow your business easily by promoting your products.


How to create an account on Pinterest

If you want to use Pinterest, then you have to create a Pinterest Account. If you want, you can also do Direct Login from Facebook and Gmail on it. Let's know how to create an account using the Email Id on Pinterest. 

Step 1: Visit Pinterest's official website: First of all, open Pinterest.Com in your browser and click on Sign-up. Now enter your Email Id and click on Next. After that, enter the password and click on Next. 

Step 2: Enter Your Name, Age, and Gender: Now a page will open in front of you, in which you fill your Name, Age, and Gender in turn and click on Finished. 

Step 3: Select Your Interest: Now on the next page, Pinterest will ask you to select some interest, select an interest and click on Done here. 

Step 4: Skip Options: Now skip all the options that will come in front of you. 

Step 5: Confirm Your Email: To confirm the email you have entered, Pinterest will send a confirmation link to your email by clicking on it to verify your email. For this, first, open your Email Account and open the email received from Pinterest and click on the confirmation link. Now your Pinterest account has been created and you can pin your photos on it. 


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How to use Pinterest

As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a Photo Sharing Website. Here you can pin your photo and you can also follow the collection already pinned. Here you can also pin the image thereby entering the URL of your website.

So, let's now know how to use Pinterest and how to pin a photo here. Just follow the steps given below for this. To pin any image, first of all, we should have a Pin Board, then first of all it is necessary to create a Pin Board. 

Let us know how to create a Pin Board. You have to keep your images inside the Pin Board and sort the board according to the category so that your pins are visible in the feed of the followers.

Step 1: Open Profile Page

To create a Pin Board, first, click on your name on the right side above and open your profile page.

Step 2: Click on Create Board

Tap on the icon of the top (+) inside the profile and click on the image shown below the pin. After this select photo from your mobile and upload it. After that if you have created a board then it will appear here, if you have not made any board, then click on Create Board and create aboard. You can also create this by clicking on the board directly (+) icon and clicking on the board.

 Step 3: Fill in Details

Now a Page Open will open in front of you in which you have to fill in the Detail of your photo. Write your title and description here. Here you can also give the Destination link for the image. 

Step 4: Click on Save

After filling in the details, click on Save. Now your photo has been pinned to Pinterest. 

How to Earn Money from Pinterest Account 

Making money on Pinterest is not much more complicated. Actually, there are many ways to earn money with Pinterest.

1. Earn money by bringing traffic to your blog from Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great way to bring traffic to your blog, you can upload images to Pinterest by creating images and advertisements related to your website. Put the URL of your website with the image, this will increase the traffic to your website, and earning more visitors will also earn from your website. 

2. Earn money by pinning an affiliate link!

As you may have heard, money is earned from Affiliate Marketing, for this, you have to sell the Online Product through a blog or website, in return for which you get a commission if you will take a Visitor from Pinterest to that post. 

So, you can sell double the product and in return, you can also earn a good amount. For this, pin the image used in that post on Pinterest and write the title and description properly. You can also directly use your Referral Affiliate link instead of a link to your post here.

3. Earn money by selling your product on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a smart way to earn money by selling your products or services. You can create a PIN that links to your "Hire me" page on your website or links to the sales page of your product. You can sell digital products (eBooks, eCourses, Printable), Physical Products (clothing, home decor, books), or services (consulting, online coaching, virtual assistants).



Friends, here I told you what is Pinterest and how to earn money from Pinterest hope that you will get success in promoting your blog or website through Pinterest.

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