How to make money by EBook fast

Is writing an ebook a difficult task?


How to make money by EBook fast

Not at all, in the language in which you want to write an ebook, if that language comes to your properly, then you can easily earn money by writing an ebook.

For example, if you know the English language correctly, you can write an ebook in English and publish it on an online publishing platform.

Many people think that only big authors can write a book, but now it is not so. Today, in the era of the Internet, anyone can put their thoughts in front of the world through an ebook.

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How to earn money by writing Ebooks:

Follow the methods given below to earn money by writing an online ebook.

1. Choose a topic to write an ebook

If you have an ebook idea that forces people to buy an ebook, then you should write on the same topic. 

Do not write an ebook on a topic about which you do not know much. 

There is a Hindi ebook on Google Play Books called  "Whatsapp Ke Champion Baniye". There are only 7 pages in this book and the person writing it is a common man like you and us.

The price of this ebook is  Rs 29.50 and it has been bought by many thousands of people. If we believe that 5000 people have bought this book, then the book writer has earned more than 1 lakh 45 thousand rupees, which is not a fun thing.

2. How to Write an Ebook?

When we talk about writing a book, what comes first in your mind? 300 to 400-page thick book. This is not the case with an ebook, you can also sell a book by writing 20 to 30 pages.

You can write an ebook on any Word Editor such as Google docs or Wordpad.

  • After choosing Word Editor, start writing an ebook.

  • First, tell us how many chapters are in the ebook.

  • Then write each chapter on a separate page.

  • Use copyright-free photos.

After composing the ebook, save it from the PDF file.

3. Write the Ebook in an interesting way

If the ebook is of low page, it will still work, but if it is not interesting to read, then people will give it an low rating, so that no one will buy your ebook again.

Write every page of the ebook in 2 days to write a page.

It is common to have grammar mistakes while writing but after writing every page read it carefully and correct grammar mistakes.

If the use of photographs in your book is necessary, then you should only use copyright-free photographs.

4. Design the Ebook

No matter how good the book is, if it is not good in appearance, no one will buy it. Make the front and back cover of your book attractive so that more people buy your book.

Where to design an ebook cover?

If you want to design your book professionally, then you can get this work done on the freelance website.

If you do not want to spend money on the design of the book, then you can design your own book cover by visiting Canva.com

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5. Choose Ebook Publishing Platform

How to Sell Ebook?

After writing and designing the ebook, it is time to publish it. Although there are many platforms for publishing an ebook, but there are 2 such platforms where you can earn more money by publishing a book.

a) Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

The first ebook is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and it is very famous in India and other countries.

b) Google Books Partner Center

Second is Google's Books Partner Center and it is one of the world's largest online ebook publishing platforms.

6. Set Ebook Price

Keep the price of your ebook so that people can buy your book easily. 

If you feel that you have put a lot of effort into the book and people can buy it by paying more money, then you should keep the price of the book accordingly.

Why is the right price of a book so important? 

You understand in this way, whenever a new and good salmon comes in the market, people want to buy it, but people buy it only when the price of that salmon is right.

Will you buy if you sell any cheap product at an expensive price? No no, the price of the book should not be more or less right, only then people will buy it. 

7. Upload the Ebook

After choosing the ebook publishing platform and fixing the price, it is now the turn to bring the ebook live. 

Upload the pdf file and cover design of the ebook publishing platform, fill in the requested details and click on the publish button.

Now your ebook will go live and whoever is interested in your book will be able to buy your book.

8. Promote Your Ebook For Free

If you want more people to buy your book then you can promote your book through social media. 

Social media is a very good way to promote and sell your book for free.

  • Promote on Facebook

           You can promote your ebook by following the Facebook group and page with the same topic as your book. 

  • Share on Instagram and Pinterest

           Instagram and Pinterest are 2 very good platforms to promote your book. You can share the link to your book on these sites.

9. Promote Ebook by investing money

If you have money to promote a book, then you can sell more books by promoting your book on amazon.

You can sell more books by promoting your book easily on amazon kindle. 

10. Earned money 

After following steps 1 to 9, now is the turn to earn money. Whenever someone buys your book, you will get money.

Make a discount offer on your book to earn the most money.

Change the price of your book 2 to 3 times so that you know that the book is being sold at a higher price.

Conclusion - few more words 

In this article, I have told you step by step ways to earn money from ebook and if you follow these methods properly, you can easily earn money from ebook.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the post "How to earn money by writing eBook - Easy Ways", then do write to us in the comment below.

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