5 easy gigs to sell on Fiverr with no skills required

In this post, I will share with you five gig ideas. Not only ideas, but I will also teach you these gigs; how to implement them. so, you can start today on any freelancing website like Fiverr, Upwork, or anything.

Fiverr Gig ideas without Skills

What's nice, these gigs do not require any investment or dollar. It's totally free to use and to implement and requires no skill.

I will teach you everything in this small article so you can start working as a freelancer tonight.  I'm trying my best to help you. 

So stay tuned follow up till the end of the post to learn these awesome gigs. 

You can start working today as a freelancer when i share with  you the awesome new five
gigs  ideas that requires no  money, no skills, and you can start working today as a freelancer from your home. So stay tuned till the end.  

Let's stop wasting time and start : 

1. Gig number one: "keyword research for SEO" 

What? it seems like a very complicated thing... No! don't worry.   

By the way, the five gigs, or the five services that I'm going to teach you in this post are all related to something called  SEO

What is SEO? 

Simply in 30 seconds: It's a technique that helps you get more visitors to your website from search engines. 

Simply, if you go now to google and search for any particular keyword, is an example anything,   you will see a particular website will be on top of search engines. So anyone searching for this keyword, For this query on Google will see the same website as the first result and so to get free organic traffic from google. 

So, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, helps you get more visitors to any website. And this is what any website owner will need. This is why I told you the gigs I'm going to show you in this post can have a large audience of clients. So any website owner will need your gigs. 

What is a keyword? 

Simply,   this is a keyword if we say "postal" now is a  keyword. If we say "postal SMTP" is a keyword. 

So, you can see this keyword here has a search volume of 590/month and a competition of 0.05. So, it's somehow a  good keyword for beginners to get a bunch of traffic from the first month when publishing this article. So, what you are going to do is to give the website owner the best keywords for him to rank on. 

Let's come back to our topic that is Gig number one, again: "keyword research for SEO." Let's go and implement it directly. Anyway, so your gig, your first gig, is to get a bunch of keywords you will get a keyword list that is good for your client to rank on. So, this is what we called keyword research is,  choosing some keywords for clients to rank on.

How to do this? 

Simply, you can use a website like H-supertools; free SEO, and digital marketing tools. If you don't know about H-super tools till now, go now and check it. It's an awesome website to help you grow your online business.   

1. Open H-super tools. Simply, here you will find SEO tools.

Steps to find SEO tools

2. Click on Seo  and 

Steps to find keyword Research Tool

3. Then keyword research tool. Click on the keyword research tool. 

Keyword details

So, this is the first gig:   "keyword research." Just use this free tool,  or you can use tools like ubersuggest,   if you want, for Neil Patel. it's also free.  You can go there and enter your keyword.

 and search but not because H-super tools are for me, you can directly just click on this export button and export your list of keywords.   Very nice! So, this is the first gig keyword research for SEO or for google. 

Really this post is very important not only you will learn how to set up some gigs and make money online you will also learn a lot of SEO techniques that may help you also grow your own website.   

2. Gig number second: "SEO Report" 

So, let's now move to the next gig which is providing a full SEO report for any website. This gig is so simple.  it's really simple to implement. You can go simply to a website called  seo-analyzer.h-educate.com. It's a free tool.

Seo analyzer
                      Credit: H-educate.com

You can use it directly without even registering anything. There is nothing here,  just enter the website you want to scan.   

As an example, let's scan any website so you'll get the websites from the client and you will create for him a detailed SEO analysis report and give him the report again. 

So, he can know his SEO mistakes, maybe some coding mistakes,  a full detailed report. You can see their website speed too and a lot of stuff here so he can benefit from this report to improve his website and get better results. 

You can click on download report here simply to get a pdf report and deliver it back to your client. So it's okay you can edit this pdf do whatever you want I don't mind there is no copyright here you can use this tool for free to do whatever you want. Just try please try and if you need anything, just comment below to help you. 

So, this is the second gig which is providing a full detailed SEO report for any client's website. 

Let's now move on to gig number three. You can see, they are really so simple!

Number one is just writing a topic and clicking. Then number two is just entering the website and clicking the review website and downloading the report. 

Now, let's move to the next one.

3. Gig number third: "On-Page SEO"

 It's somehow like the SEO analyzer tool but now we are going to do on-page SEO for specific articles, or for all articles on a website.  

So, you can create a gig like the basic plan is for one page may be the premium package will be to scan all the websites on each page alone and give him a  report. 

How to do this?

 Also, we are going to use a simple free tool. Simply, in your chrome browser go to the chrome extension store to add an extension. 

Just open chrome web store and now you will search for this plugin you can see it here   "SEO minion".

Seo minion website image
Credit: seominion.com

So, let's say now you want to rate and analyze one of the pages. After you install this plugin you just click on it that's it and click analyze on-page SEO. Click on this just wait a few seconds and now it will give you also a detailed report of this page and it will tell you if there are any problems on this page. So, it will give you a detailed on-page SEO report and you can view it and copy it to a pdf or word and deliver it to your client.   

Also, we have some other tools like checking broken links on this page. We can also check for broken links also you can highlight all links because if you know in SEO  links are very important they are the backbone of rating you on search engines. 

Seo minion chrome extension
Seo minion chrome extension
Credit: seominion.com

So, if you have a lot of backlinks then you will get a higher score on google. So, links are important; you can use all these tools that are somehow related to on-page SEO and prepare a report a detailed report for a client for his page. 

By the way, just in one minute in SEO we have mainly two parts:  

a)  on-page SEO 

b) off-page SEO

On-page simply means that you analyze the page itself, the images if they are compressed and optimized, the titles, the keywords, the links, and everything on the page.   So you can do by yourself these optimizations.  

When it comes to off-page SEO we are talking about social signals like how many shares you are getting on social media, how many backlinks,   how many people are linking back to your website.  So, it's somehow things related to outside your website. 

Now, it's out of the scope to go into details about SEO.  Anyway, now as I told you just install this extension and you can deliver an on-page SEO for any client for any post on his website. 

And as I told you, you can split this gig into two packages, the basic one for on-page and the premium package you can deliver for the whole blog or so on. 

Just think about something that fits your service anyway. So, this is gig number three let's move on now to gig number four which is also so simple. 

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4. Gig number four: "Adding Backlinks"

Number four is simply adding a backlink to your website. 

So, in case you have a website and I really encourage you to create a website and start store even a free one with blogger, Wix, or on Shopify. So you don't need to pay anything just create a small website write some articles so you can also deliver a gig and add a backlink from your website to the client's website.  


What is this?

Simply, a backlink is adding a link. This can increase the rank of his website and add a new backlink to him. 

Now you  may ask an obvious question: "if my website is  still new, I have no traffic, I have no ratings,  of course, no one will ask me for a backlink."  You are right. 

This is why when you create a  website it's so important to get traffic.

How to get traffic? 

simply there are many platforms are available on the internet which has a lot of traffic, in millions, for Example Quora and many more guest post sites.

You just have to create their account and start writing posts there you can also add your website links to your site, So whoever will click on that link redirect to your site. 

So, in one month you can raise the rank of your website and you can deliver the backlink gig. It's simply adding a link to your website or simply adding a banner.

So, it's a backlink and an ad at the same time. So, this is gig number four is adding a backlink or linking to others' websites, to your client's websites. So simple I think. 

Now,  let's move on to gig number five which is also so simple.  

5. Gig number five: "Video SEO"

Now, we are talking about Video SEO. 

If you remember, I tell you to rank on a keyword on google. Now if I do the same on Youtube. 

So, on google, we have  SEO for google and we have SEO for Youtube which is called video SEO, and how to rank your videos on top of Google. And By the way, I explained this in detail on how to rank your videos on top of Google.  

So, video SEO is very important, and what you are going to deliver to your clients as a gig is keyword research for SEO. 

You can do this with the following steps : 

1. Go to H-super tools again and 

Video Seo tool

2. Go to YouTube now and we have the YouTube keyword tool.  

YouTube keyword research

You can see all the tools are totally free you can use them now from today to start your free gigs on Fiverr and get your first clients. 

You  can start tonight and publish these gigs, which is totally free and i tell you everything  in detail about how to implement  

At the End : 

I remind you always if you need any help just comment down below in the comments I will try my best to help you. Or simply, just go and do some search and improve your skills and improve these gigs. 

So, also you can give him the best keywords from this tool if he has a YouTube channel so also you will help anyone with a YouTube channel to rank on YouTube.  

So, now you learned these gigs you can now go to Fiverr and publish them and start working online. 

In this way, I gave you the Fiverr gig ideas. You can also check my other articles about more ideas to make money online that also require no skills and start working online today as a freelancer. 

So, these are five free gigs for today. I  hope you enjoyed this post you got some benefits please don't forget to like now. 

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