6 Best Ways to Make Money with Drawing

Although there are many ways to earn money today, in today's post, we will go on to tell you how to earn money from drawing. The number of talents in our country is not small, but they do not get the right path because they stay away from earning.

Today, there are many platforms where every type of talent is used to reach people. We have seen painters around many times who make walls and other advertisements and from that their livelihood goes on.

But don't you think that this is an art and instead of this art, they are not getting the right life? I thought so, so today I thought that I should tell you that. Money can also be earned by drawing. So for this, let us know what are the routes through which a good income can be made by drawing.

6 Best Ways To Make Money With Painting


It hurts so much when we see good artists around us who live a life of poverty. They have a unique art of painting which if seen properly, is worthy of praise but the same people spend a lot of struggle life.

The era is becoming digital and if you still keep your art in front of people in a traditional way, then you will remain behind.

Every business is becoming online, so if you also try to make your work available to people online, then you will start seeing better results.

Through this article, we will tell you the best ways by which you will be able to earn money.

1. Make illustrations and sell them online

Illustrations look very beautiful, due to which they are used a lot in making images.

There are many websites like Canva, Pic Monkey which provide various kinds of illustrations to people, which are used by webmasters and bloggers to take photos.

If you also learn to make illustrations, then it can become a very good source of earning. This type of service is not in the market right now and it has a lot of scopes.

Because of this, if you enter then a new path will open for you and in the future, you can go much further.

Here we are giving you the list of those websites where you can make and sell illustrations.

On this platform, you get a 70% share of each SellThis is the highest payment of any online market. There are more than 3 million members in this network. There is no restriction in this, that is, you can sell on the creative market and other marketplaces without any result.

free download! Even if you don't open a shop, Creative Market offers 6 free downloadable items every week.

If you create a shop on this platform, then you can bring a lot of traffic by offering your own drawing from your shop to the people.

If you keep an attractive thumbnail for your shop, then you will be able to attract more people. In this way, when people come to your shop, you can show your illustration and drawing made to people. In this, you get a 50% commission for each design.

In this, your designed design is sold in 2 ways with Non-Exclusive and one-off exclusive licenses.

  • Non-Exclusive - In this, your design is sold many times for a low price.
  • One-off Exclusive - In this, your design is sold only once at a high price, when it is sold from the website, then it is removed. The price of the design sold in this is up to $ 500.

On this platform, you get a commission of 11-15%.

There are more than six lakh buyers who can buy your design. In this, a weekly design challenge is organized. This committee works with 16000 designers.

It is a very large platform that has 80 lakh members. Which is amazing. It is the largest and most popular platform online where you can sell drawings/designs.In this, if you sell your design exclusively with Envato, then you get a commission of author fee of 12.5% ​​-37.5%.

If you do not sell your design exclusively with Envato, then you get a buyer fee along with an author fee of 55%.In this, people get free designs once a month. This platform has more than 400000 artists and designers.

In this, you are given a very good margin for profit.

It is very easy to use, in this, you upload your design, when it is uploaded, then your design also appears in the collection of all the products.

When your product is sealed then you get its commission.

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2. Order the logo of the website and blog

Each website and blog has its own brand name LOGO. It is considered to be quite important for creating identity.

Many types of companies offer LOGO designs. But if I believe, all these companies design very expensive LOGO.

Hindi bloggers want them to get a good LOGO cheaply. This is where you can start your work. If you use your drawing, you can make beautiful and attractive logos and sell them.

To design a LOGO, you can easily get between ₹ 500 - ₹ 2000.

3. Create and sell images for the webmaster

In India, the field of blogging is developing greatly and every day new youth are entering the world of blogging.

Blogging work is very wide and there are so many tasks in it that it becomes very difficult for the blogger to do every work.

The most important content in blogging is its blogger, which requires a lot of hard work and effort to prepare itself. But apart from this, another thing that is important is the graphic image of the block.

If you are successful in creating your brand name, then you can attract other bloggers and take their work.

For this, you do not have to work hard. You get a blogger's community on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. From where you can offer to do Graphic Design / Drawing for their blog.

If they feel right according to your budget then you will hire.

4. Freelancing Job

There is another way where you can convey your art to the people and that too very easily. This is the way of a freelance job portal.

There are many platforms offering this type of service where people go and order the drawing according to their convenience.

To avail of the service, he selects the designer available on the platform and also pays him for the order.

The quicker and the better quality of service they get, the more they are attracted. In this way, your rating increases, and your online availability also increases.

By the way, there is every type of category in the portal giving freelance jobs. In this, work is also available for the designer, who especially does LOGO and Graphic Drawing.

Here is the list of the most prominent Freelance Job website.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer

5. Build your name brand

To increase your rich online, it is most important that you develop a brand name. It takes a lot of time for this not to happen in 1 day.

For this, you have to be very active online and constantly have to maintain your availability to the people.

You have to tell people what work you do and what kind of service you give. The best way to do this is to create a website named after you.

Create a portfolio in it and put it on your homepage. This will give people a clear idea of ​​what you work for.

Keep your contact details on your homepage so that people do not have trouble reaching and talking to you.

Now, whoever wants to give services like LOGO Designing, Image / Graphic Design, Illustration designing, present the detailed information with some Design / Drawing to the people.

This will attract visitors to the website. Whenever needed, he should definitely contact you and you will start getting work orders.

6. Create your profile on social media

As we told you, it is very important to create a brand name if you want to advance your work online.

The most important step in developing a brand name is that you should create your profile on every social media platform.

You create your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc. There, you can publish a drawing related to your work every day.

There are many groups on Facebook that are associated with Special Design and Drawing, you can attract an audience thereby joining them.

If you will be able to bring people to your profile, then from there you will get a good response and your branding will also increase.

Traffic on social media sites is very high. If you are able to bring your target audience up to your profile, then it will be very easy for you to earn money.

They can also order you in your profile. Which you can complete and earn a good income. Along with this, the brand name website that you have prepared will also be promoted.

Your people will continue to grow rich.

The conclusion

The number of people painting is not small. But even after doing good painting, they are not able to earn a good income and keep their life struggling.

The most important reason for this is that he does not make his work accessible to people online. The whole world promotes its business online today, so in today's post, we gave you information about how to earn money from Drawing.

We told you the 6 best ways to make money by painting. We hope that you will find the information given by us important. If you like it, then definitely share it.

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