Superpayme Review 2022 - Legit or Scam?

SuperPayme Review: Trusted Survey site to make money online


Superpay me Review: Legit or scam?
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Hey hi,

Did you hear about the Super pay me website before? If you do not know, then it’s no problem, we are here to tell you in this article a complete review about Superpayme

Many people do so many searches such as the search on Google on how to make money online for free. And other people which know about Superpay me but they have confusion i.e. Is Superpayme legitBut they do not get the right answer yet

That’s why I have made an article for this review so that you can earn some passive income (like 3$ or 5$ per day) online along with your studying. 

Today, we will give you a detailed review about What is Superpay me and what you should have to do to earn money from Superpayme.

Amazing Features of Superpay Me:
  • Fast Payment within 24 hours.
  • Low cash-out threshold: 1$.
  • Work from home.
  • Promo codes and cash contests.
  • Free paid Surveys and Offers.
  • $0.20 Join Bonus.
  • Generous Referral programs.


What is Superpay me?

Super pay me is an Earning Website from where you can earn from $ 10 to $ 100 within a week. I work on this website myself and earn 15 to 20 dollars per week.

I know it is not too as much because I have so many things to do in a day that’s why did not work so much here but if you take it seriously you can earn much more than that. If you really want to earn online free earn money from today, what you are waiting for then join Superpayme website now.

Super pay me is a survey website where we can earn the money by completing the survey and you can withdraw your money earned by many methods :

1.)  Paypal

2.)  Tango

3.)  Skrill

4.)  Bitcoin

5.)  Amazon gift

If there is anything about this website in your mind, then we will all clarify your doubts in this Superpayme review. I want to tell you that this is one legit and the best website I have worked on. You can 100% Trust this.

If we talk about its Minimum Withdraw Limit, then you must be shocked i.e. 1 dollar Withdraw here. 

As soon as you start to Withdraw, your money will be directly sent to you via your Paypal account within a short time.

In 2021, Super pay me is becoming very popular in India as well as all over the world. 

So, let's know how to create an account on Super Pay Me.


Superpay me login details :

First of all, you have to go to this website's homepage. 

Before Login into an account, I want to tell you that you must have an account on PayPal. Or if you already have an account on your PayPal, then you can continue.

1.    Click on join now  (join through my referral link to earn a bonus).

2.    When you go inside the website, a Green Button named Join Free It will be seen on the right side and you have to click on it.

3.    After that, the Super pay me Register page will open in front of you. On which you have to enter your First name, Last Name, Email, Username and Password twice.

4.    Below that will be the Mailing Address, where you will have to select your country by entering your full address, city, state, zip/pin code.

5.    Finally, you have to fill in the payment method and terms of the details. In it, you have to tick the four boxes by entering PayPal's email address or by entering Payza, Skrill, or Bitcoin's email whatever method you want to choose.

6.    After that you have to solve a Captcha that confirms that I Am Not a Robot and click on Create Account. 

7.    And that’s Done.

Your account will be opened.

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Superpayme Review: Methods to earn Money:

You can earn more money by filling surveys on Super Pay Me. There are different types of options from where you can earn from 10 Cents to 10 dollars, just by completing a survey. 

That is, if you complete 10 to 20 surveys of the day, then you can earn more than 10 dollars on this website.

Mainly there are 4 ways you can earn money on the Super Pay Me website: Paid Survey, Offer Wall, Referrals, and Contest

In this review post of Superpay me, we cover all the four methods that you must have read.

In these 4 ways you can earn a lot of money every day, so let's know how these four options are used: 

1. Paid Survey

You will find a lot of options in Paid Survey, on which you can complete the survey by setting up the profile. Setting up the profile is very important for you to complete the survey. 

There are altogether 15 different options in Paid Survey offers:

1.     Top Survey and Offers

2.     Daily Paid Surveys

3.     Your surveys

4.     RevenueWall

5.     CPX Research

6.     Bitlabs Paid Surveys

7.     Yuno surveys

8.     Theorem surveys

9.     Opinion Capital Surveys

10.   Sayso Online Surveys

11.    Live paid surveys

12.   Adgem surveys

13.   Wannads Paid Surveys

14.   Worldwide Offers

15.   New paid surveys


2. Offer Wall

If seen, money can also be earned from Offer Wall but in this, you can get points after completing the different tasks, and later on, you can convert that points into dollars. 

You can earn some cents by downloading the app and also by watching videos or by completing tasks from Offer Wall or also by creating an account from Referral.

In the Offer Wall, you get 16 Options to earn money.

1.     All Offer Wall

2.     Peanut Labs

3.     Adgets

4.     Adgem

5.     Lootably

6.     OfferToro

7.     Admamtium

8.     Medium Path (New)

9.     Wall Ads

10.   Adscent media

11.    Revenue Universe

12.   SuperPay Offers

13.   AyeT Studios

14.   Hang My Ads

15.   Wannads

16.   Engage Videos

3. Referrals Program

In the Referrals Program, you can send your Referrals Link to a friend or a relative and he signs up with that Referrals Link. Then you will get a 25% commission lifetime of your friend’s earnings.

Also, the person who has signed up Super Pay me from that link will get 20 Cent immediately. If you have a blog website, then for that you will also get a Banner Code, which you can put on your website.

4. Contest

In this option, the person who earns the most every month is paid a few dollars. That is, there are 1000 dollars, which they divide and divide into 23 people every month. That is, the person who earns more will get the maximum share out of 1000 dollars.

Is Superpayme legit or a scam?

As you can see below in the image that superpayme reviews as a  4.5-star rating in the Trustpilot with thousands of many reviews of people from different countries.

Superpayme legit or scam?

This means this site is 100% genuine and you can trust it without any fear even I am also using this site for a long time and getting good results from it.

Earning Proof:

Super pay me payment proof
Payment Proof

Superpay.me Conclusion:

One of the legit sites that helps me make money online the most is Superpay.me. Because the money you earn comes immediately and instantly, unlike most paid survey panels that require you to collect a large amount and wait several days for it to be reflected in PayPal.

Perhaps when you see this site, you have a lot of doubts, is it possible to make money by answering surveys? or if the money will pay? but it is definitely completely safe and secure.

Today we learn in this review of Superpayme what is Superpayme, Is Superpayme legit or a scamand also how to earn money from that

Also, step-by-step information about how to create an account on SuperPayme. And so many various methods to earn money in super pay me.

If you liked our review on Superpayme, don’t forget to like, share and comment.

FAQ About Superpay.me:

How much are the points worth in Superpay.me?
  • 100 points equal one dollar.
What is the minimum charge and payment method in Superpay.me?
  • It is 1USD via PayPal and is instantaneous.
How can I get referrals in Superpay.me?
  • A referral link is required that is only found in the "Affiliate Program" section and with it you can invite more people to join the survey panel.
How much do I earn for the referrals you get in Superpay.me?
  • For each referral, you will earn 25% of your earnings obtained for life.
What are the payment methods accepted in Superpay.me?
  • PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin.