Picoworkers review 2022 - Legit or Scam?

Do you want to earn money online and you have just learned about Picoworkers and now you want to know what is picoworkers

In this post, you will get answers to all your questions.

Picoworkers review : legit or scam

If you already know What is Picoworkers and you came here only to know how to earn money online from picoworkers.
Either you have come to know that after all the picoworkers review i.e. scam or legit.
Or you want payment proof of picoworkers, then you read this post completely. 
Because today I will give you complete information about Picoworkers. Like its payment proof, scam, or legit and also its review. 
Before answering these questions, if you are new and do not know about it, then I give you some information about it.


What is Picoworker?

Picoworkers is a freelancing website, here you can work by becoming both a publisher or freelancer.

What is Picoworkers ?

If you are a publisher, you can promote your business by giving some money to another person and you can grow your business.

If you want to earn money online for free, then you can earn money as a freelancer by doing microtasks.

For this, you have to create a Freelancer account on picoworkers.

After creating a Freelancing account you can start earning by doing micro-jobs.

So, that was the picoworkers Outlook detail.

How to earn money from Pico?

In order to earn money from Picoworkers, first, you have to create a freelancer account.

When you become a freelance member then you will be given micro-tasks through picoworkers.

You can earn money online by completing them.

 To complete a task, it takes more than 12 minutes or sometimes less, more depending on the task you choose, for you to complete a task.

The most popular among these small tasks are:- 

  • Post a link on the homepage of your blog.
  • Writing 75-500 word content or article for another
  • Promotion (vote)
  • Sign up (Create a email account + install + download + create an account)
  • Video marketing (YouTube watch + share)
  • Facebook (Facebook ad marketing)
  • Search Click and engage
  • Twitter (Tweet and Retweet)
  • Instagram (follow other Instagram account)
  • Surveyor offers
  • Yahoo answer, Quora answer
  • Write an article
  • Computer program
  • Forum
  • Write an honest review
  • Comment on another blog

For all the tasks I have told you above, you can earn online money through picoworkers by completing all those tasks.

In the future, it will add more micro-jobs through which you can earn more money. 

If you complete small tasks in it daily, then you can earn up to Rs 300/- daily. That depends upon you, the more you work more you can earn.

So, my friends, this was the complete detail through which you could start making your own money from picoworkers.

How to create an account on Picoworkers?

To create an account on Picoworkers, you must have an email or a Gmail account.
1. First of all visit the official website. (Join through affiliate link to get a bonus) 

official Website

2. After that you will get an option to sign up there and you have to click on it.

Sign up at Process

3. There you will be fill-up a form where you will be asked your real name.

Sign-up form

Along with that, your email, nickname, country will also be asked, which you have to fill correctly.
Moreover, you have to create a log-in password according to your own.
With the help of which you can log in with one click.
After doing so much, you have to click on sign up and your picoworkers account is ready.

Picoworkers review:  scam or legit?

It is a freelancer website or app created by a trusted company.
Picoworkers is completely secure, you can really make real money from here, you will not get any scam in it.
You can also check its ratings on the Trustpilot that is 4.7 and more than a thousand people write their reviews, you can also check that.

Picoworkers review : scam or legit?

So, definitely, Picoworkers is a 100% legit site.

Picoworkers payment Proof and payment methods :

Picoworkers is a trusted company registered by ocatbrain.inc.

Payment method: 

It pays its users through PayPal.

Payment proof:

Payment Proof

How much is the minimum payout?

To withdraw money from picoworkers, your wallet should be $ 5+,  excluding the bonus.
Only then will you be able to withdraw the money from picoworkers.

What is Picoworkers affiliate program?

If you add another person through your referral link, then you will get 5% of his income.
Like, the person you have connected with through your referral link and when that person completes any task.
Suppose if that person completes a task of Rs. 100 / - then 5% of 100 / - = 5 / - will be given to you. 

Genuine advice: 

If you follow me then picoworkers are really a good choice to earn money online.
Because across here you get not one but many methods to earn money online by working. If you work well on it, then you can earn daily Rs 300 / - comfortably.
There is no scam in it and it is a legit way to earn money. And it depends on you whether you think it is good or bad.
So, man, this was my honest review for picoworkers.


So, Guys, this was the complete information about the Picoworkers review. We covered many topics like What is Picoworkers, How to create an account, how to earn money, legit or scam, and so on.
If you have any complaints or suggestions from this post, then put let them in the comment section, I will definitely solve your queries.

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