10 Best way to earn money in India - Make money online

[Make money at home] 10 practical and feasible ways to make money online

Earning money in India at home is not a joke or not an easy task, Whether you have a regular job or are a student or a housewife.

With these 10  best ways,  you can earn money online in India without investment or even quit your job, giving you more time to spend on people or things worth it, regardless of geography.

You may have seen many other articles offering up to 30-50 ways and tricks to earn money online, but this article will only tell you the 10 most realistic, feasible, repeatable methods, only one-time such as selling the game account or using Up live, live to earn money in India for students may not be suitable for most people's not recommended.

These 10 methods are all legitimate jobs, career developments, or Ideas for running an online business, so don't worry. But of course, all valuable results require time and effort, as you did for more than a decade before you found a regular income.


Is it really feasible to earn money in India at home?

Believe that you are as convinced as I was before. In fact, the era of change has already begun, as early as the age of writing blogs, at home to use the Internet to earn money in India is happening, until, in recent years, Instagram and YouTube become a part of your daily life, you know that in the virtual world is really business opportunities everywhere, of course, do not have to love makeup, shadow, when a KOL can make money.

Some people choose to quit their jobs to make money online, or have a regular job to earn extra passive income in India online, which foreign countries call Digital Nomads, such as American blogger-Matthew Kepnes, who quit his job in 2005 at the age of 31 and set out for Thailand, full-time focused on his travel blog, sharing a lot of experience on tourism. It took six years to make $100,000 a year, not just for the catch-up or for thousands of followers.

Many methods just you don't know, it's not non-existent, but the most important thing is to be willing to stick to it!

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Classification of online money-making methods

Classification of online money making methods

Make quick money class: Rest assured, not to teach you to break the law, this kind of will be more like doing part-time work on the Internet, pay time to complete the designated tasks in exchange for money, it can be imagined that this is only a real-time return of money-making methods. But it's precise because there's no money cost that basically anyone can do it.

Long-term career category: This type of approach requires money costs, and a longer period of investment, may take months to a year to earn the first income but is definitely a long-term return, income can be beyond imagination, can be said to be a personal business. And it's going to cost money, but it's definitely not high, about $20-400, so it's still good for most people.


Quick best way to earn passive income in India

1. Do an online questionnaire

This is a way I will use as soon as I have time, user data, and guest opinions for enterprises are very important, so there are many brands around the world that will look for market research companies online questionnaires, each does a questionnaire you may earn 5-100USD. Of course, you will not be developed because of filling out questionnaires, but at home, every fill-in, bank account and more money feeling are very good.

What's the substance?

Apply for more than a few online questionnaire platform accounts (if you can read English, you can apply abroad) select the appropriate questionnaire to complete to get a gift card, or use PayPal to collect cash

Questionnaire platforms that support Chinese:

§  Toluna Survey

§  OpinionWorld

§  Superpayme

§  Valued Opinions dot

opinion world Questionnaire platform
Toluna Questionnaire platform

Valued opinion Questionnaire platform


 Questionnaire Platform:

§  Lifepoints

§  ySense

§  Survey Junkie

2. Sell photos

There are many companies, and online media to produce content that need to use a lot of related photos, but of course, high-pixel photos need to buy the copyright, not casually found in Google Image. So many photography enthusiasts will take their own photos, and films put on the material platform for sale, different platforms are different, between the price of 20-60% of the price sold.

What's the substance?

Applying for a platform account Upload your work As long as anyone anywhere in the world downloads your photos will get paid

Foreign platforms:

§  ShutterStock

§  Adobe Stock (Sell Images)

§  Alamy

According to experience, it is recommended to upload some high-topic, commercial material, such as a person running, because may talk about sports or health theme of the network media will be used, or a Tokyo landmark, there will be talking about Japan's internet media will be used, imagine the ordinary no one knows the sea or lake will be more than one person to download it? In addition, the photos of Chinese people are usually not many, but in fact, many users in Asia have needs, which is one of your great advantages! In short, from the point of view of supply and demand.

3. Be a freelance worker

With more and more people or small start-ups emerging, some jobs they don't understand or have time to do but don't want to spend too much money on full-time staff, there are some outsourcing platforms, so if you understand the skills of web design, writing Code, trademark design, PS images, translation, film cutting and so on, you may want to use these platforms to earn extra income.

Upwork, HelloToby(for a fee),  and  Fiverr are all available platforms, and in foreign platforms, Fiverr will have more customer needs and the most people in Asia, and no charge, the task on Fiverr is called Gigs, Gigs prices can initially be only $5, but as the credibility increases, users can set higher prices, so because of the freedom of pricing, so more recommended, here is a Youtuber teaching fiver to the best way to earn money for students online,  tips:

4. Sell something you no longer use

Admit it, there's a lot of stuff that's no longer in use but it's always piled up at home. In fact, you can sell them to earn income, such as read books, old speakers, no longer use brand-name bags, and so on, I have tried to sell only by selling credit card giveaways - rice cookers, plus a few books, a month more than earn about 1,000 HKD, although not a large number, but save the location of the home and have money to earn it!

2 Lot Auction Platform:

§  Carousell (only for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore)

§  Yahoo

§  Shopify online store 

5. Shrink the URL for people to click on

Basically, the URL is shortened with the platform, any URL can be such as news, youtube clips, interesting articles, and so on, and then posted to different places such as forums, Facebook, and other platforms, when a certain rate of response, will get revenue. For example, Boo.tw, when 1000 thousand clicks have been made on the short URL, you can earn $1.6-4USD. Adf.ly is another foreign website that is a similar platform.

Best URL SHORTENER to make money

What's the substance?

Apply for Boo.tw and Adf.ly accounts See the content that many people will see on the platform to shorten the URL to different platforms WhatsApp / Line to share with friends and so on to a certain income (about 5-10USD), you can apply for remittance to your PayPal.


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6. Open an online store

Since the beginning of the network, the cost of doing business has been reduced a lot, if you have plans to start a business, you can start with an online shop, accumulate a certain customer base, and visibility, and then open a physical store is not impossible;

Open an online store on Amazon

There are several forms of online store opening: Really this is also one of the best ways to earn money in India online.

§  Use Instagram/Facebook
If you want to start with a familiar and simple platform, use Instagram first, because many people now use IG to search for items such as clothes, accessories, etc. You have to make good use of Hashtag's features so that guests can find you.

§   Electronic business platform (e-commerce platform) or set up their own website The
entire sales process is by the seller - that is, you go to be responsible for, including finding the source, buying goods, setting up e-commerce stores / setting up a website, put products on the e-commerce/website, guests place orders, shipping, customer service and so on, in short, the whole process is done with one hand.
Large e-commerce platforms: foreign platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Asia such as shrimp rice Shopee, Lazada, and so on.
Platforms for setting up your own website: Shopify, Wix, EasyStore, WordPress

§  Amazon FBA
you need to find a good supplier
buy a certain number of sources (at least 1000 will be flat) send it to Amazon storage put the product on the shelf Amazon, the following procedures are as follows, customer service, shipping, etc. will be responsible for Amazon.

§  Dropshipping
is a great way to save time for sellers because the shipping process is the responsibility of the supplier.
All you have to do is collect the products
Open your own website to put the product on the shelf Find a source Guests place an order on your website and pay you directly You then place an order with the supplier the supplier sends the goods to the guest

The above has listed 4 kinds of online shops to earn money in India for students online, in fact, the store can have great potential, and can become systematic to make money, of course, method B-D has a lot of skills and knowledge, will be more articles later.


7. Run a YouTube channel

Youtuber has become so common in recent years that no one can open a channel because there is no threshold. So how can I earn money with Youtuber?

Run YouTube channel

§  Google Adsense ad revenue (you want 4K watched minutes and 1K subscribers)

§  Channel members (limited content that members pay to see)

§  Industry/Sponsored Content

§  Alliance Marketing

YouTube channel niche without showing face

Affiliate Marketing - is a popular online money-making method in foreign countries, simply because you recommend a product in an article, someone buys the product with the link, and you get a commission. Listen as simple as it is, but the potential benefits are great, there is also a lot of learning.

What's the substance?

In fact, you do not need to have a very good camera or clipping technology to start, as long as you are interested, with the phone shot and then with the computer built-in software can do, slowly familiar skills and then improve the hardware is not too late, now start cutting video uploaded to YouTube!

8. Set up a personal blog

If you don't like to appear, running a blog is right for you. In fact, the way to make money is similar to YouTube, but YouTube is a movie, Blog is text. This is one of my favorite methods and the best ways to earn money online in India for students without any investment.

So how can I make money from my blog?

§  Google Adsense ad revenue

§  Industry/Sponsored Content

§  Affiliate marketing

What's the substance?

Structure your own website choose topics you're interested in and start writing articles, such as travel, 3C products, cooking, fashion, etc. join the affiliate platform post-marketing links/open Google Adsense ads to start making money

The platform for setting up your own website: WordPress, Wix, Blogger.

9. Selling e-books

With the development of the Internet, more and more people will buy e-books, always with only one phone than with physical books light, easy to read at any time. So if you are interested in writing, whether it is novels, teaching books, essays, etc. can be sold, but generally can teach / information is easier to promote and sell.

What's the substance?

Write a book and turn the text into an EPUB to the e-book platform,  book platforms are Readmoo, Book Walker, Google Play, KOBO, remember to choose your area.

10. Establish an online course

Generally with the sale of e-books is the same truth, you have the knowledge resources, through video teaching to share with others, although the preparation of pre-textbooks will take a lot of time, a certain production after the completion of the investment time will be greatly reduced, as long as you have the appropriate publicity, which can become a long-term income.

If you start by wanting to make a small number of teaching videos with a small test cow knife, you can use, ShopifyUdemy, or HAHOW good schools, which are simple but have a high rate of the draw but want to earn more available Teachables, pumping into only about 0-10%, with higher degrees of freedom.


So how do you start?

Earn money online now

Whether you have a regular job or not, encourage you to conduct both the "Fast Money Class" and the "Long Term Career Class", and you can draw 1-2 "Fast Money Class" methods so that you can earn additional income from the Internet in a relatively short period of time, although the amount will not be enough for you to quit your job, you can use your spare time to earn passive income in India to improve the quality of life. At the same time encourage you to pick a "long-term career class" as soon as possible, start to build, these types five methods may take an average of 6-12 months to establish, but the potential is great, many people rely on these methods in 3-5 years to earn 100,000 dollars a year, and can become passive income.

Time is the fairest thing in the world, and if you spend your time watching Netflix, or making money with time, you may not see a difference in the short term, but in a year, two, or five years, you'll find a big difference. Come on!

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