[Wix complete evaluation] Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Wix

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of wix

With the increasing number of Wix advertisements in India, the USA, and other In Asian regions, the popularity is also higher, but does popularity mean the best? This Wix review will analyze its 3 shortcomings and 4 advantages, to help you understand who Wix is ​​suitable for, which paid version is better, and to rectify the outdated complaints so that everyone can understand Wix more fully. platform.



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What is Wix?

The Website Builder was established in 2006 in Israel. The three founders-Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan felt that the Internet was slowly popularizing that year (iPhone was launched in 2017), and they hoped to design A tool that allows people who do not understand the code to design and build their own website as long as they register an account. 

Wix has been continuously improving for 15 years. Last year, in 2019, it announced that its users exceeded 150 million, covering 190 countries around the world. The results cannot be underestimated.

What countries does Wix support?

I just mentioned that users are located in 190 countries around the world. Except for a few countries that are not supported because they cannot do business with the United States, including 5 places such as North Korea and Cuba, all other countries can register with Wix and establish a website, so Asian users in India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. can use Wix.

Is Wix trustworthy?

The answer is yes. Wix was established more than 14 years and was listed on the Nasdaq in the United States as early as 2013. As an international listed company, it certainly has complete laws, privacy, and product standards. Of course, it has its own product shortcomings, but it is reliable Sex is unquestionable.

Four Advantages of Wix

1. Drag and Drop makes it easy to build a website

Originally designed with coding (original coding), after applying for an account, Wix can use its Drag and Drop editor to drag and drop the content into the template. Novices can easily operate and design a decent website. Website.

Advantages of Wix
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2. A variety of theme template options

It may be difficult for newcomers to web design to start from white paper. Wix has provided hundreds of theme templates, such as nail salons, online shops, bars, CVs, etc. Various categories, after all, the design or design required for different businesses The layouts are all different, and you can save time for data collection and so on by choosing from the templates.

3. Foreign page

In the past, having only the English version might be prohibitive, but now there are many other foreign language support also!

4. There is a free trial version

Other website-building platforms on the market will have free trial versions, but some of them are limited to a 14-day trial, but Wix has no limit. In other words, you can always use it for free until you think there is a need for an upgrade, and there are several differences. The paid version is reasonably priced.

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Three Disadvantages of Wix

1. Unable to change the theme template

When you select the theme template at the beginning, you cannot easily change it later. Of course, you can keep changing, adding, or subtracting different elements in the template, but because users can customize it, it is difficult for users While changing the entire template, keep the elements previously edited by the user. This is a Tradeoff!

So if you plan to build a long-term website, it is best to test how many templates before deciding, try to add the content/elements you want, and you will know which theme template is best for your website.

2. The content of the website cannot be exported

Your website is stored on the Wix server, there is no way to export the content, and directly move the entire website customers to other platforms or servers. Prevent ten thousand in case, suggest that you want to upload content such as photos, articles, etc., store the backup. You can never predict whether your plan will change in the future, so it is necessary to plan ahead and worry less in the future!

3. Customer service needs to be improved

Their customer service is really hard to find... You will see the Support Center on the Wix website. Basically, all the questions you want should be covered. But there may always be time to find customer service, but Guhua’s CS is not so easy to let you find out, I want to go to Google to find the contact of Wix customer service, and it may only reply to your related teaching articles.

At this time, you can consider Facebook Inbox, but they do not guarantee that their customer service is sufficiently knowledgeable, so if you don’t mind communicating in English, it is best to contact customer service by phone.

 Who is Wix suitable for?

Because it is really simple and convenient, basically a decent website can be completed in a few hours, so it is very suitable for users who want to build a website in a short time, such as 

  • Start-up company / local business / small and medium e-commerce

Since there will not be too much budget in the initial stage of the business, and a lot of content is being exchanged, you may not have much idea. Wix has many website templates for reference to help you build a website faster and develop your career.

  • Artist Photographer/Youtuber etc.

You need a website to display paintings, photos, or works. The most important one is simplicity and greater freedom in design. After all, artists have greater perseverance in personal style, Wix can let you focus on website design.

  • Restaurant/Bar

Basically, you don't want to spend too much time maintaining the website and updating the Menu or food photos in your spare time.

  • Event Wedding

If you need to hold a larger event, you need to build a website in a short period of time to use as a promotional Landing Page (landing page) to increase attendance. Wix is ​​definitely a good choice.

  • CV Portfolio 

Many people now make their own CVs in the form of websites or put up past projects, awards, interview clips, etc., to cooperate with other publicity to enhance their image.

But if you are an international or large e-commerce company (more than 10,000 products), or you want to have several different domains, you will be recommended to use other platforms, such as the professional e-commerce platform Shopify, which will be more suitable for your need. And if you are a blogger and you need to do SEO in a very competitive market, you will be advised to use WordPress, but to be mentally prepared, it will take several times longer.

Wix charges

Wix has a free version, but it is often said that the free version is the most expensive, because free products always have more restrictions, which may sacrifice your potential business opportunities/time. The free version of Wix has a lot of limitations in terms of functions. You can’t use exclusive URLs and Wix ads are enough to affect your image in the Internet industry.

Wix charges and plans
Image Credit: Wix.com

And Wix offers 7 premium versions in the Asia-Pacific region. The monthly fee ranges from USD$4 to – 35. It is divided into 2 categories: Website and Business&eCommerce. The biggest difference between the two is that the former is not. Support online payment.

The most popular ones are Wix Unlimited and Business Unlimited, but it’s best to click here to learn more about the differences between the various paid versions and understand which one is more suitable for you, if you are still hesitant, you can start with Combo. Anyway, afterward, There will be no extra charge for upgrading again, and there is a 14-day unsatisfactory money-back guarantee.

Are there other options on the market?


In fact, there are many other options on the market, such as Squarespace and Webnode, but Wix is also constantly improving to maintain its leading position in the industry; Wordpress.org is completely from scratch, with higher flexibility and control. More network knowledge is required. In fact, the operation of Wix is ​​really very simple. Anyone who is not familiar with online tools can design and build a website in mind to develop their business.


There are also many e-commerce platforms that specialize in e-commerce. It is difficult to compare here at once, such as:

  •      Shopline
  •      Shopify
  •      Magento
  •      WooCommerce

In fact, some e-commerce store platforms are also extremely simple to open a store, but Wix is ​​flexible in design. I personally think that the most important difference is: Wix will not charge a portion of the sales as a commission!

In the past, the Wix e-commerce site was not an attractive choice. In recent years, many e-commerce applications, templates, and functions have been added, such as abandoned cart recovery (abandoned cart recovery), wish list (Wishlist), and order processing by mobile phone. Wait.

Common questions on the Internet

1. Wix's SEO search engine optimization is very poor!

Because Wix used Flash to build its website before 2012, SEO has always been a stumbling block for Wix. There has been a lot of criticism on the Internet, but it has been greatly improved in recent years. In 2017, John Mueller-Google’s Senior Webmaster and Trends Analyst Both have certified that Wix performs well in search engine optimization. And it’s still optimizing. Recently, there was a feature update on SEO in March.

If you are not sure how to optimize SEO, don’t worry too much, because SEO Wix will ask you a few questions about your website, then propose the corresponding SEO optimization steps for you, and try to use simple methods to make your website rank in Google. better.

2. Can't write code to customize

If you think that Wix cannot write code, you will be behind, because Wix Corvid came out in 2019. This is a new generation of Wix Code, and programmers can build powerful applications through the Wix platform. Although I think most users use Wix because they don't understand Coding, no matter what, if you want to customize it through the code, it is now feasible.

3. If Wix's company falls, your website is gone

This is true, but how likely is it that you should worry about it? As mentioned above, Wix is ​​a company listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, with a market value of more than US$6 billion and a turnover of nearly US$800 million in 2019. Are you worried about putting funds in listed banks? This worry is not unreasonable but there will be a little unfounded worry.

I hope that the above information can help you understand better and make a choice that suits you. I suggest you try the free version and experience its functions. If you want to upgrade your interest, you can use the preferential price.