[Learn Affiliate Marketing] Follow these 6 steps to be a pro!

Do you want to learn affiliate marketing and want to make money online? 

This article will share with you all the detailed information about affiliate marketing so that you understand the basic knowledge.

How Can you do affiliate marketing in Asia such as India? What are the substantial steps? How to make money?

Learn Affiliate Marketing: Follow these 6 steps

I believe you are looking fort to learning affiliate marketing because you already have a basic understanding of this online earning method. But let’s lightly introduce the concept of affiliate marketing, that is, you can promote other people’s products and services online. As long as customers are buying or registering through your link, the manufacturer will give you a certain commission. In short, it is Being an online salesperson, but you don’t have a rigid sales target, and you can choose the products you want to promote, and you have a lot of freedom.

A beginner can follow the following 6 steps to learn affiliate marketing :

Step 1 Find a niche market

Niche market, which generally refers to a market that is ignored by most people, but has certain needs, is profitable, specialized but unsatisfied. This represents a small number of people, but relatively few competitors. . For example, "electronic products" is a big market, "home electronics" is a niche market, and "home skincare electronics" is a sub-niche.

How to find a niche market?
-What is your hobby?
-Spend the most time?
-What do you spend the most money on?
-What are your expertise?

Affiliate marketing : find a niche

You may think that you have no interests, or that your interests cannot make money, and then naturally exclude these interests. For example, you like to do sports, watch movies, and play games, which may seem boring, but in fact, they can all become your niche market and make money. In addition, I think that interest is more important than expertise. You don't need to be very strong or professional for interest to take you further.

Examples of niche markets:

  •     Electronic products such as cameras, televisions
  •     Beauty, fashion
  •     Travel such as accommodation, transportation
  •     Health-related such as fitness and cooking
  •     Use of computer tools

Step 2 Set up a website

You need a place to promote your affiliate marketing. It can be Instagram, Facebook, or an established blog. As long as you can put a link, you can start affiliate marketing, but the most effective and appropriate platform is a self-built website or Youtube, so if you don’t plan to be a Youtuber, your self-built website is the most suitable platform, which is more beneficial to SEO, easier to rank higher in Google, and has the opportunity to reach more readers.

Without a website or a blog, you couldn't able to learn affiliate marketing. So, for that, you need a particular platform where you can grab a great audience.

There are already many platforms that allow people to build their own websites. For example, Wix, Blogger, and WordPress are platforms used by 30% of the world's websites, with high functionality and freedom.

Step 3 Apply for the affiliate marketing platform

Connecting advertisers (Merchants) and affiliates (Affiliates) can establish a cooperative relationship on the affiliate marketing platform, and it is also used to track the effectiveness, such as how many orders the affiliate has completed? How much profit sharing can be obtained in this way? And so on, the results can also be viewed on the platform. As far as alliance marketing platforms are concerned, most local-language platforms are established. 

But do not worry, even if the platform is not your native platform, as long as the inside of advertisers (Merchants) you want to promote in the region can be focused to, for example, you are in France, affiliates. one established by France, which has Merchants who want to promote products to users in France, you can still use this platform. Once you set up the website, you can apply for an account as Affiliates on the following platforms, all of which are free!

Affiliate Marketing Platform in Asia

  •   Affiliates. one
  •   IChannels 
  •   Blog come
  •   ChineseAN

International affiliate marketing platform

  •    CJ Affiliates
  •   Amazon
  •   Clickbank
  •   ShareASale's
  •   Rakuten

Affiliate Marketing of Tourism Products

  •    Agoda
  •   Booking.com
  •   Klook
  •   Skyscanner
  •   KKday

After completing the previous step, you can go to the affiliate marketing platform to find the product you want to promote. The whole process of operating on the platform is as follows:
Find related products on the platform → obtain a special link (let the merchant track the effect of clicking on the link)Achievement generally refers to: CPA (Cost Per Acquisition is based on the number of completed actions)
CPS (Cost Per Sale is based on sales)

Note: Don’t just choose products just because of the large share of profits, otherwise readers feel that they don’t care about the topic, and there is a small chance to connect to the link. The most important thing is that it is related to your market and can really help readers to solve them. 

The problems and pain points encountered are successful affiliate marketing.

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Step 5 Create content and articles

Of course, you don’t simply post affiliate marketing links to make money. You need to create content, such as youtube videos or articles. If you have a personal website, articles are definitely beneficial to your ranking in Google search engine optimization like " How to learn affiliate marketing". 

You may be worried that your writing is not good enough. In the past, writing was very low. It seems that you are not confident, but in fact, writing is definitely not a problem. The most important thing is that the structure of the article is complete and clear.

The general writing direction of the article: 

  • Commentary (Pros and cons of rice        cooker A)
  • Product recommendations (eg 8 best rice cookers)
  • Compare different product categories (compare 8 rice cookers)
  • Teaching class (teach you how to use a rice cooker to bake cakes)
General writing direction of the article

Step 6 Introduce traffic

Traffic refers to the flow of people browsing the website, and traffic can be divided into paid and free traffic.

Paid traffic: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google SEM ads

Free traffic: SEO (search engine optimization), Referral (referral to other websites)

Affiliate marketing will not be encouraged to spend money to buy advertising to obtain paid traffic because usually, you have to pay a certain cost to see the results. If you do not have the knowledge and experience to buy paid advertising, the money you paid is likely to be spent. Moreover, When your website does not have much content, visitors will not stay or return to the website again.

On the contrary, SEO is implemented with reliable keyword setting, article content, and website weighting. It does not require cost, but the potential traffic is very large. It is recommended that novices start with SEO. Of course, if you don’t use SEO to introduce free traffic, you have a lot of skills, and you don’t want to pay for advertising, you may spend time writing articles but no one views them.

If you find it difficult to learn just by reading then you go through the video Affiliate marketing course that will be surely available on Udemy which will help you to learn Affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can affiliate marketing be understood as an e-commerce model?

No! E-commerce is to establish its own system to sell products online, which often requires more capital in the process;

Affiliate marketing is just promoting other people's products online, basically without any cost.

2. Are there geographic restrictions for affiliate marketing? If I am in the United States, can I only be Amazon?

As I mentioned above, it depends on what market you plan to focus on and what country your audience is in. How do I know what country my audience is from?

1.  Language: If you plan to use English as the language of your website, then you have to promote foreign-supported products.

2.     GA data: There are many English-speaking countries. Through GA (google analytics) you can know the exact location

3.     Yourself: You know your target group best because you are creating content for them, so if the results seen in GA are different from your goals, you may need to review the problem.

3. Write in English or other foreign languages? Does writing work well?

Use which language you are comfortable writing in! You are not the author of a novel, and simple and easy-to-understand text is enough.

4. You must use WordPress to write a blog. Can you use the common rogue gang, combined with affiliate marketing?

No problem at all. As mentioned above, as long as you use a link, you can start affiliate marketing, so if you use Facebook, or use Line, or WhatsApp to send it to others, you will earn a commission if someone trades. It’s just that the most recommended platform is a personal website or Youtube. Because of the search function, the content is easier to see.

A platform for building the personal website: Wix, WordPress

5. It seems that most affiliate marketing platforms pay commissions in U.S. dollars. Do I need to open a U.S. dollar account?

No mistake, but not only to open the US dollar account at a local bank but also to open 1-2 collection channels, because most affiliate marketing platforms will not send you a wire transfer. It is more convenient to use a specific overseas collection method, just email You can remit the commission to you.

The most commonly used methods are PayPal and TransferWise. You must register but don't worry about this step, you can do it after you earn the money.

6. Can it really be "zero" cost?

For the above 6 Steps, only Step 2 requires a certain cost, but they are all very small, ranging from 1 to 300 USD. You might ask, doesn’t it cost to introduce traffic? As explained above, it is recommended to only focus on free traffic SEO when doing affiliate marketing. Although there are certain skills it takes a long time, it is the most effective in the long run, and traffic can increase thousands of times.

Experience Sharing

In the rapidly developing world of the Internet, there is no job that can last a lifetime, but at the same time, the Internet provides us with a lot of freedom. To think positively, we have more opportunities to choose and build our ideal work and life.

While online are many ways to make money, finding a way most suitable for them is very important, affiliate marketing is very suitable as a starting point for online business, as long as you like, you can become a tool to make money interest, and not to adhere to the course Stop learning, just like you run an offline business, there are no shortcuts.

I hope that this article provides you all the information regards to learn affiliate marketing if you still facing any issues put your query in the comment section.

In addition, we must start from the perspective of helping others solve problems, provide them with value, and have a high chance of becoming successful affiliate marketers!

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