Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

More and more people know that affiliate marketing can make money, but do you know what affiliate marketing is? Many people start their business without understanding the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing, and then they feel that it is not suitable for them, so this article will answer your questions and reduce the difficulties you may encounter.


What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing means that you can promote other people's products and services online. As long as customers purchase or register through your link, the manufacturer will give you a certain commission. Simply put, you can be an online salesperson, but You don't have a rigid sales target, but you can choose the products you want to promote, and you have a lot of freedom. The development of alliance marketing in Asia is far behind that of Europe and the United States. It has gradually taken shape in Taiwan, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in Hong Kong and Malaysia. However, in fact, there is no geographical restriction on alliance marketing.


Is Affiliate Marketing a Direct Selling/Layered MLM?

Absolutely not! Because I don’t have a lot of interest in network marketing, but I certainly don’t criticize others for choosing to be direct marketing. After all, everyone has different preferences and values. There are two main reasons why I don’t do direct marketing:

1. To attract downline, there is a chance to make the family and friends around you feel troubled
2. To participate, you must first spend money to get the direct selling company to borrow or purchase products

Affiliate marketing is an absolutely different concept:
you only need to create valuable content (such as videos, articles), and you may promote your favorite products in it, so as to help others solve problems. There is no need to face the crowd, and there is no need to spend money to borrow or purchase products.



Affiliate marketing example sharing

If you still don’t understand, just refer to the following example to explain!

Example 1: This is a foreign Youtuber. She contacted her about how to take care of her hair in one of the videos and put the mentioned hair care products, hairdryers, etc. in the Infobox of the film. She also explained that if there is an audience By placing an order through these links, she will get a commission of 4% of the product price, and the customer just buys it at the same price, and it won't be expensive.

Example 2: IFunVegas is a website that introduces the US casino Las Vegas, including local hotels, attractions, transportation, etc... The following is one of the articles about hotels, when a user clicks to Booking.com And place an order, you can also get a part of the order as a commission.


Who is affiliate marketing suitable for?

  •  Student
  •  Housewife
  •  Have a principal job but want to establish a side job

I think everyone who wants to finally get away from 9 to 5 can consider it! The following analysis of the advantages and disadvantages can help you understand the reasons.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

1. Low cost

In the past, it was discouraging to hear about starting a business or selling products, because the costs can be high, such as rent, inventory, and hiring staff. On the contrary, if you use a website/blog to manage alliance marketing, based on my experience as an example, basically you only need to buy:

A. Domain: 12USD/1 year ( BlueHost, GoDaddy)
B. Web hosting: 12-20USD/each Month ( NameCheap )
C. Email address: 6USD/month ( Gsuite )
D. Affiliate marketing course: 500USD/Always use 

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The above necessary costs are only virtual hosts and domains. GSuite and affiliate marketing courses seem to be your personal needs, so the average monthly cost is less than 20USD at most.

2. Sales pressure without product inventory and customer service

If you operate a physical store or online store, you may need to design products or buy certain products, then you need to find a place to store the products, and you must answer all the customer’s questions.
Affiliate marketing does not have these troubles, as long as you discover the products you have used and feel high-quality, find an affiliate marketing plan, and promote it, you can start to make money.

But the point is, you must first understand the product and sincerely recommend it, otherwise, you will lose your conscience and you will gradually lose the trust of your readers.

3. Low threshold

You don't need to have professional writing and first-class sales skills, as long as you like to share in words or videos, you can start a business.

4. You don't have to have a lot of fans and followers

The current popular KOLs and Internet celebrities must attract a large number of fans to follow, but affiliate marketing is not required! You only need to do SEO well, and traffic will be introduced, and there is a good chance that they will be the right audience because they will search for relevant words because they have related problems. Of course, learning SEO will be effective.

5. Can combine your interests and expertise

You can choose the products you like to promote, such as tourist attractions you like, books that you like to read, so that you will be more patient and share happily at the same time.

6. Not restricted by region or time

Unlike your main job, you don’t have to do it at a designated time and place. You only need to have a computer and network to run affiliate marketing and make money online. You can freely cooperate with your own time, you can operate after getting off work, when traveling around the world, or when you cannot go out when the pneumonia epidemic occurs, so it is suitable for most people.

7. Can be developed into a passive income

Once the content you create is uploaded to the Internet, it is working and making money for you even if you are sleeping.


Two disadvantages of affiliate marketing

1. It takes time to build

This is one of the main disadvantages. Continuously bringing valuable content to readers is the key to the success of affiliate marketing. In addition to the time, it takes to create content, Google’s SEO ranking will take a certain amount of time to continuously optimize, so don’t imagine this is a way to get rich overnight.

2. Income fluctuations

Affiliate marketing is different from going to work. It is not that you work 40 hours a week and you will end up with the same amount of salary. But I think this is exactly what is interesting, this month may only have a 3-digit income, but next month it will increase to a 5-digit income.

Affiliate marketing cannot provide you with stability, but it can bring unlimited possibilities.

So how does affiliate marketing start?



How did the author get in touch with affiliate marketing?

Because my main job was to do online marketing for online stores, I would pay more attention to information about making money online. I accidentally saw a Youtuber introducing affiliate marketing, sharing their story of establishing affiliate marketing, and getting a preliminary concept.

What should I learn to run affiliate marketing?

The online course I enrolled in taught me most of my knowledge. At first, I saw that the person's grades were very convincing (more than 10,000 USD in a single month), so I decided to study! Personally, I think the most important thing is to choose a market, set up a website, import traffic, and how to make money. The rest are Bonuses. If you are interested in learning, you can refer to the affiliate marketing teaching I shared earlier.

Affiliate Marketing Experience Sharing

In fact, as early as 2019, I also watched another Youtuber establish a personal website to make money. At that time, I bought a virtual host and website, but I didn’t start a business because I didn’t have much knowledge of affiliate marketing, but I was lucky enough to get in touch with the master. Ban, finally began to build his own website step by step, create content, and optimize Google rankings.

It is now the 4th month of my business. I am very happy that I can finally use my personal website, and I gradually feel that this is more like starting a business, sharing my knowledge, experience, and experience, and helping others to build an extra income.

I am very fortunate that I must have the courage to try it out and it was definitely one of the breakthroughs in my life to start operating alliance marketing.

The cost is low, but the return can be beyond imagination, so it is highly recommended for those who do not have much budget but are eager to start a business online.

Common questions or concerns

1. If the blog is written in the local language, is it difficult to sell affiliate foreign products (eg. Amazon)?

Don't worry~ Although all you attract are native readers, as long as the merchant wants to promote the product to the area you focus on, the location of the merchant does not matter.


2. How long does it normally take to earn income?

Based on my experience in the master class, it can take as short as 3 months, and as long as 6-8 months, the first income can be obtained. Haste is not enough. If you are too eager to see the results, you will lose patience. Imagine that you have read more than ten years of books before you step out of society to make money. Don't expect to see results as soon as you establish an alliance, but you can build passiveness in the long run. Income is definitely worth the effort.

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