What is health insurance? is it worth buying?

In the 21st century, health is still a topic of heated discussion.

As the saying goes: the loss of health by the poor is equal to worse, the loss of health by the elderly, the happiness of the world becomes a luxury; children lose their health, and parents will cut off their livers and intestines.

What is health insurance? is it worth buying?

The body is the capital of the revolution, usually paying attention to health, adhering to exercise, but also doing a good job in insurance prevention.

If a doctor can save a life in case of illness, but this is useless if there is not enough financial support, the health insurance can pay the insurance premium for the established period of validity of the insurance, and the patient has to rely on financial support. You don't need to animate with healing.

However, some insurance whites know nothing about health insurance, what is the health insurance that is interested in users?

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of life insurance in which the insured person's body is used as the subject of insurance, and the insured person is compensated for the expenses or losses incurred in the event of injury caused by illness or accident.

Health insurance is usually divided into four categories: medical insurance, sickness insurance disability insurance, and nursing care insurance.

At present, the health insurance on the market is mainly based on medical and sickness insurance, and the necessity of ensuring these two types of insurance is analyzed below:

1. Medical insurance

Medical insurance is based on the occurrence of medical acts agreed in the contract as a condition for payment of insurance premiums, and many people believe that medical insurance can reimburse medical expenses and do not need to buy commercial medical insurance.

In fact, the reimbursement of social security is limited, and the cost of medical insurance reimbursement in the face of serious illness is often only a drop in the bucket, and the role played is not obvious, although the purchase of medical insurance, commercial medical insurance is also crucial.

2. Sickness insurance

Sickness insurance usually refers to critical illness insurance, when the insured suffers from a contracted illness and meets the conditions for claims, the insurance company pays the insurance premium according to the agreement.

The use of insurance premiums paid by major illness insurance is not limited, not only can reimburse the cost of disease treatment but also can be used for later rehabilitation, income loss, etc. 

In order to pass on the risk of serious illness, serious illness insurance is recommended to plan in advance to protect future health and worry-free.

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Is health insurance worth buying?

After everyone is born, they will face various diseases, and health insurance can avoid the risks caused by diseases and reduce the losses caused by diseases.

At present, many people have social security, and medical insurance can reimburse the cost of drugs in basic medical insurance, the cost of basic medical insurance diagnosis and treatment projects, and the cost of basic medical service facilities. 

This is enough for general minor diseases. however, when faced with major diseases, social security is probably powerless to treat the high cost of treating major diseases, and at this time, serious illness insurance and million medical insurance are needed. 

To this end, the insured needs to choose the most suitable health insurance product according to his own situation, but it should be reminded that only if he meets the terms and conditions agreed in the health insurance contract can he obtain the corresponding claim.



Health insurance is a kind of personal insurance, common types of insurance includes serious illness insurance and medical insurance, providing exclusive care, which can effectively pass on the impact of serious illness on family finances.

Different groups of people plan different plans for health insurance, the above-mentioned configuration plan of a family of three can be used for reference, plan early in case of emergency, 

In addition to health insurance, other basic protection products should also be configured to ensure future health and worry-free.

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