Ysense review 2022: Survey site Real or Fake?

Today we will tell you in full detail about the Ysense review survey site: Ysense is real or fake, What is it, and how to earn money from Ysense.

Ysense review: Real or Fake?

We will tell you in full detail. So that there is no doubt. This article is for those people who want to earn money online sitting at home.

That too with the help of Internet-only through Mobile, Laptop, etc. without spending anything.

I have also created my account on this ysense.com site. Initially, I did not work on it as much as I did not have full faith in its legitimacy.

When I got the payment from Ysense on time. That's why I have full faith in this that Ysense is really real.

There are many such websites in the world that say that you can earn money by doing self-work but you get disappointed. And

But now it will not happen at all because I write an article on it only after checking it thoroughly and working money.

There is an online rewards website for those who want to earn more and more money from YSense.com from all over the world.

ySense vs Clixsense

 The earlier name of Ysense.com was Clixsense.com which has now been changed to Ysense. This is an online earning website. With the help of which you and I can earn money in dollars by working online. Then the name of this website was Clixsense.

How can you earn money online with the help of ySense , you want the button that often people make a mistake that they do not read the article properly, so they make some mistake.

So read this carefully from start to end. So that you don't face problems

That's why let's start ySense Review.

Who can work on Ysense com site

The first question that comes to mind is that can we work on Ysense.com? Is it real or fake?

You do not need any Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Talent, etc. to work on this platform.

Friends, if you are a student, housewife, employed, unemployed, retire, or anyone else, you can still earn money on this platform, you have 30 minutes a day. Thus, you can easily earn a lot of money.

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How much money can I earn from Ysense.com?

For your information, let us tell you that this is an Entry-Level Job Site, on which every person can work and earn a lot.

Ysense review: How to earn money on it

But it depends on you how much time you give to it and how honestly you work on ysense, if you work properly then you can earn 500-1000 dollars or more very easily.

Ysense Review – How to make money on Ysense

What is Ysense? Ysense is a pay-per-click website. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in the USA. Who is about 13 years old. 

Which has been running this website continuously up to now. And millions of people from all over the world earn money from this site.

There will be many options for earning on Ysense. Being such an old website, this site can be trusted.

Don't worry in this review of Ysense I have mentioned all the methods and ways to help you to work in Ysense.

On the Ysense site, you have to perform very simple tasks such as participating in surveys, completing tasks, playing games, watching videos, clicking ads, installing apps, completing offers, and also earning money by sharing referral links with friends and family. you can earn.

Also, this website keeps giving you a checklist bonus from time to time. Thanks to this you earn even better.

How to Sign Up or Join Ysense?

Ysense login and Signup procedure

Step 1 - Click on ysense sign-up link and access the website. (join through my referral link to earn a bonus)

Step 2 - After clicking on the link given above, you will reach the website. As shown in the above picture

Enter the Id and a new password and click on Join Now.

Step 3 – You will get the confirmation link on the email id from which you have created an account on Ysense.

You have to click on that link.

After clicking, your verification will be done and you will be ready to login into ysense account.

Step 4 - After that first, you have to set up a Profile. After clicking on the same Profile and Setting, your profile will open in which you have to fill in all the details.

Which I have given in the picture. Because it helps you to give a survey only after completing the profile.

Your earnings start as soon as you complete the profile.

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Ysense Review: Real or fake? And how to earn money from Ysense?

1. Paid Survey

When it comes to earning money, Ysense is the best website to earn money. On completing every Paid Survey, you get 0.5$ to 5$.

When it takes only a few minutes to complete a survey. You must be thinking that why is the company giving us this money?

ysense survey

So let us tell you that there are many big companies associated with Ysense. Which conducts surveys to improve its product and gives us full money on completing these surveys.

Not only this but when the government wants to take the feedback of the public about the new policy, it is also used for which we get money.

Due to the better network of Ysense, the work of the company and the government here gets done quickly and there is not much expenditure.

The data received by the user of Ysense India is quite correct, which helps the companies and the government a lot, overall the work of the companies and the government is also done.

And we also earn some money with the help of Ysense survey and cash offers.

Ysense offers two types of surveys.

Free Sign up and Get a bonus:

A. Complete Ysense Survey and Earn Cash

By the way, you will get to see some surveys every day. But to get more suitable surveys, it is more important for you to create your Survey Profile.

How to create a Survey Profile of Ysense? - To create a Survey Profile, you have to enter your full and correct name, date of birth, Avtar (your photo), Demographic (address), Education, Hobbies, Pin No. etc. have to be filled correctly.

After the completion of the survey profile, you will get to see the survey according to yourself and yourself. that you can accomplish.

But you would like the button that in the initial time you will get to see fewer surveys from Ysense.

But as you keep completing the survey. By the way, the number of your surveys will keep increasing and your earnings will also increase.

You get the payment of some surveys immediately after completing the survey, but there are some surveys that take 30 days to get the money after completing the survey.

Red flag:

You can identify it by looking at the Red Flag on its survey.

To earn more and more, you can log in to Ysense's account 2 to 3 times a day and you can increase your earnings more and more by completing more and more surveys.

Let me tell you in advance that some surveys will fail you because the survey depends on Geographical Location, Education, Income, and many more things.

You do not have to be disappointed with this because you will get many surveys every day and every 2 to 3 hours.

B. Daily Survey Rooter

Ysense daily Survey Rooter, You will get Surveys of this that you can attempt countless times in a day, there is no limit in this.

You may not be able to complete all the surveys but you can try to earn from Daily Survey Rooter. Gradually you will be able to earn a lot.

2. Cash Offers

Cash offers are also a good way to make money on Ysense, with which you can increase your income. Here you can see many options..

Which you can enjoy, such as by giving reviews of some products and services, downloading some apps, signing up on the website, watching videos, watching advertisements, and many more.

When you click on Cash Offers, you will get offers from different companies. Like AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Wannads & Revenue Universe.

When you click on every company, you will get cash offers from every company.

Ysense survey: Cash offers

On completing each of your offers, you will get paid from 5 cents to 50 cents or more.

Whereas 100 cents = 1$

3. Figure Eight Task

Let us tell you that Figure Eight Task is one of the reputed companies which provides Crowdsourcing jobs.

In this, you get small tasks, by completing which you get hit pay from 2 to 50 cents.

Which you get work from a different company. For which you have to create an account by giving your email id and password.

After that, you have to create your profile by filling in your basic information.

After this, you will be able to complete the task and increase your earnings.

 You will get many tasks, on completion of which you get money immediately, you try to complete every task which you see after login to Ysense.

If you complete the Figure Eight Task List, then you also get a bonus from Ysense which increases your income.

Rather, Ysense also organizes a Weekly Contest for its users, in which you can rapidly increase your online income by participating.

If you face any kind of difficulty in the Figure Eight Task, then you can create a Support Ticket.

4. Referrals /Affiliate Program

Affiliate or Referral is the best way to earn money from the Ysense.com website.

To Affiliate or Referral of Ysense, you have to share your Referral link with Friends, Family Members, and anyone.

When he joins your referral link and starts earning money, then you get 30% of his income as a commission.

This money is a relief to you for the rest of your life. As long as your downline keeps working.

You can earn by referring people in 2 ways, about which you have been told in detail below.

Ysense Referrals /Affiliate Program

A.  Ysense Sign up Commission

Whoever signs up with your affiliate link, then you get a commission ranging from 0.1 $ to 0.3 $ for every person who joins. When your Referral earns 5$ then you get 2$ separately. Which is automatically added to your account.

The more the referral, the more earnings.

B. Activity Commission

A winning person has joined your Referrals, if that person completes ysense survey, Task, Offers even after winning, then you will continue to get 20% to 30% commission from every Referral till Lifetime.

And whatever work any person completes, there is no reduction in his earnings.

For example, if you refer 20 people and their total earnings for a month is 500$, then you earn 100$ to 150$ Monthly.

You will get your Affiliate link in your own Dashboard.

There are many ways for you to promote your Affiliate links such as through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails, and other platforms.

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YSense review: Earnings Withdraw Method

Gives you 4- different options to cash out the earned amount, whichever you feel is right, you can withdraw money into your account by using it.  

Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Reward Link India give you the facility to withdraw money from your ysense account.

And the most used service is Paypal, Payoneer, and Skrill. But the one I use is a Paypal account and Payoneer. Because in this you get money on time. Compared to the rest.

Cashout or rewards methods

The first click on Paypal, then you choose Amount. Amount Options are $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250.

There is a maximum withdrawal limit of up to $250 at a time

The daily payment limit is up to $500 and you can withdraw up to $250 at a time, which means you have to do two cashouts. If you want to Withdraw $500.

So I hope you must have understood how to earn money from Ysense There are thousands and millions of people who are earning $250+ every month on Ysense.

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Quick Tips to make more Earning From Ysense

Activity - Be active in Ysense, login to the account at least 2-3 times a day so that you can get more and more Paid Surveys, Cash offers, and Tasks. Get these things done as soon as possible.

Add-on has to be added to your Chrome browser. You can use Ysense Addon Extension. 

With the help of the add-on, you can check the status of your ySense account with one click. You will receive instant notifications whenever a survey or task is available. This will help increase your earnings.

3. Referrals - Promote ySense as much as possible. You will earn a lot with its Affiliate Program.  

For example,

If you share 50 people and earn 30$ from each of them then you will have Affiliate Earning (30 x 30/100 ) = 9$ x 50 = 450$ (INR 32,500 ) in every month.

If you refer 100 people and earn 30$ from them if not more then your Affiliate Earning will be (30 x 30/100) = 9$ x 100 = 900$ (INR 63000) every month.

I hope you liked ySense Review. You should share this as much as possible with more people so that because of you more people can get the correct information. Stay with us to know similar Tips and Tricks to Earn Money Online, True or False / Legit or Scam, and Earning strategies. 

ySense Payment Proof

I have taken this money from Ysense's account through papal in my bank account.

payment proof

Like Ysense survey site, Swagbucks is a free online earning site.

Review conclusion:

We learned in this blog how we can earn money with the help of ySense survey login and whether it is a real site or not, today I have done a Ysense review India.

Earn money and I told all those ways how you can earn well by using those methods and that too by working 20-30 minutes sitting at home and earning 1000 dollars (INR 7000) or more every month. Huh.

Along with this, I also told that anyone can earn and also told that you can increase your income through Paid Survey, Daily Survey Router, Cash Offers, Figure Eight Task, Affiliate Commission.

And also told that in what ways you can withdraw money. And some special Tips & Tricks have been told.

I hope you liked this ysense review. If you and your friends and family want to add, then you must share this article with them so that because of you they also get the right way to earn. Spread the love.

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