Rapidworkers: Make money with small tasks

Rapidworkers is a crowdsourcing website with more than 100,000. You have to complete it. This works the same as microworkers and picoworkers

Rapidworkers: Make money with small tasks

You can generate a passive income source by joining this website. This will really be helpful for a student or house worker to generate a pocket money source.

Anyone can work on this. There is no charge for joining in this, anyone can join it. 

If you want to do small jobs online then this website is right for you. You can join it.

How do Rapidworkers com work? 

How to work on Rapidworkers

There are some tasks inside this Rapidworkers.com website. Which are posted by some person. 

The publisher posting the task gives money to this website for his tasks. And when a user or worker completes them, this website deducts some of its commission and gives the rest of the money to the user. 

Rapidworkers sign up process:

It is not very difficult to create an account or signup on rapidworkers.

There, fill in your details by clicking on the signup button. 

Rapidworkers sign up process

Then a mail will come to you to confirm your account, click on the link given in the mail and confirm it. 

Now you can start your work by simply clicking on login. rapidworkers.com

How to work on Rapidworkers? 

Here you are given some tasks. You have to complete them. 

How to work here?

Some tasks are only for a particular country. For example, tasks from international countries like America, Canada. Tasks from these countries obviously pay high.

You can complete only international tasks. 

The cost of each task ranges from 0.1 -to 1$. 

There are 60 such different tasks available on rapidworkers come.

Some types of tasks are like: 

  • Like to watch a video.
  • Like the Facebook page.
  • the app has to be installed. 

How to complete tasks? 

Its complete information is given there. 

How to complete tasks on Rapidworkers

You did not get money immediately after completing the task. 

The first task is approved. They will check your work that is done right or wrong.

You get money only if you have completed the task properly. 

How much can you earn on Rapidworkers? 

I have not done much work on this website. But if you work here continuously for a month then you can easily earn 50$ – 60$

You don't need to worry anymore here. You can only work for 1-2 hours every day. 

A task takes about 10 minutes to complete. 

It does not take the same time to complete all the tasks, there are some tasks that take very little time to complete. And some took more. 

You get money according to the time taken to complete the task. If a task takes more time then its rate is also high.

So, it totally depends upon you.

How do you get money? 

You can make a payment request on rapidworkers com only when your account balance is 8$. 

Payment methods

You get money from PayPal here. 

There are many other payment methods but PayPal is the right one for you. 

You can get information about creating an account on PayPal by clicking here. 

If you have any questions related to PayPal, then you can send them by visiting the contact page of this website. 

Like PTC sites it doesn't take you much time to make 4$ here. You can earn more than 4$ in a single day.

Is Rapidworkers a scam website? 

Most people ask about whether is rapidworkers scam or legit also ask about rapidworkers complaints. Let me answer your question. 

No, this is not a scam website. I also work with this site and it is really genuine.

You can also learn more about this by searching the internet. 

Even on the Trustpilot has very good reviews and some payment proof of Rapidworkers is also found there. 

I hope you like this review. Let me know your queries in the comments, I will definitely try to solve them. 

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