Coinpayu review 2022: How to earn crypto from this?

Today I am going to tell you how you can earn money from Coinpayu com website. This website was started in 2019 and today it has been 2 years while working on this website. 

Coinpayu review 2022: How to earn crypto from this?

Coinpayu is 100% Trusted, in which you can earn 200 to 300 rupees daily by working from your mobile, so let's know how we can earn money from this website.

What is Coinpayu com website?

Coinpayu com is a Cryptomining website where you can earn money by watching ads. You will get to see many payment proofs on the home page of the website itself. By which you can guess that this website is 100% trusted.

Coinpayu login and Sign up:

It is so easy task to sign up and log in on coinpayu. com. When you open the homepage of this website, in the upper right corner there is a button for Register and login.

Coinpayu login and Sign up

If you are new to this website then click on the Register button to sign up on this coinpayu com. When you click on Register, a pop will open where you have to fill in your details like Username, Email id, and then you have to set a password.

And then all ok, ready to sign up.

After you sign up, click on Coinpayu login button. Enter your username and password, And you are ready to log in and earn money from coinpayu com.

How to earn money from Coinpayu com?

How to earn money from Coinpayu com?

So as I told you that you can earn money by watching ads on Coinpayu website. On this website, you get to see 3 types of ads.

1. Surf Ads
2. Windows Ads
3. Video Ads

In Surf Ads, you get to see Normal Ads which you can easily see on your mobile phone as well and you can also see Video Ads on your mobile phone, but you can see Windows Ads only on a Laptop or PC.

Apart from this, you also get many offers, tasks on this coinpayu website, by completing which you can earn extra money.

How To Withdrawl money from this Website?

You must have 1100 Satoshi to take Withdrawl from the Coinpayu website. You get some Satoshi in return for whatever ads you see, when you have completed 1100 Satoshi, then you can make the payment of $1 in your Faucet Account.

Website Link: www coinpayu com click here

Or if you want, you can take Direct in any Cryptocurrency. To take payment in different Cryptocurrencies, you must have Minimum Satoshi and on this website, you can take Daily Payment.


So I hope that you must have liked today's post, and must have known to yourself how we can earn money from coinpayu com website. If you want to have a similar post in the future as well, then do the notification on our website now. 

Thank you.

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