Cambly reviews and presentations: full platform information


Speaking of online English, cambly is definitely mentioned, which is an online course platform from the United States that provides one-on-one online English teaching with the goal of helping people around the world and enhancing their language skills.

Cambly reviews and presentations: full platform information

This Cambly review, in addition to detailing the platform's teacher teaching materials, teaching methods, and course fees (package subscription prices), will also conduct a detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages, as well as share the experience of actual lessons, and will also tell you how to find a good teacher.

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What is Online English Cambly

Cambly logo

Cambly is a global education company headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

since its establishment, more than 5,000 licensed lecturers have taught on the platform around the world, and the number of students from more than 130 different countries, with different cultures and backgrounds, has exceeded one million.

There are currently 3 main versions of Cambly:

  • Cambly: The curriculum system for "adults" is mainly taught in a one-on-one online video format, which can be held 24 hours a day, and the teaching materials are self-selected or self-made content using the platform.
  • Cambly Kids: The curriculum system for "kids" is basically the same as the adult version, but the textbook is specially designed by child experts and focuses on "immersive" native language learning.
  • Cambly Organization: A course system for internal training provided to "enterprises", as long as the application is made, it will provide employees with exclusive course content and systems according to the company's industrial attributes.

Since most people currently use the adult version of Cambly, and the above versions are generally similar, this Cambly review will focus on the introduction of the "adult version". 

Cambly Faculty Textbook Introduction

#1 Where did the teacher come from?

Cambly's teachers are mainly from the United States, English, Canada, Australia, and other countries, all of whom are native speakers.


each teacher on the platform has a detailed profile and self-introduction video, and you can choose your favorite teacher according to your own needs. (I'll show you later how to choose a teacher who suits you)

Cambly tutors

#2 What are the teaching materials?

Cambly teaching materials are based entirely on the needs of the learners and can be provided by the trainees themselves. For example, if you are preparing for TOEIC, you can prepare TOEIC questions; If you want to transfer to a field, prepare the content of that field for the teacher.

if you don't know what to prepare, you can also directly use the course resource library on the platform, which has a variety of different topics and different levels of course materials to use.

Or if you really don't want to prepare the textbook, you can also talk directly to the teacher Free, and most often talk to the teacher about the cultural differences and values of each other's countries, which is very interesting.

Cambly course resources

Cambly's way of taking lessons

#1 lesson tools

Cambly uses the platform's own system for video lessons, and the system has a mobile app in addition to a computer version and supports software such as Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS.

although it is a video class, students are not forced to turn on the camera, turn it off, or point the camera at the ceiling or other objects.

Cambly class footage

#2 Course mode

1. Book a class

The first-course mode is to use the "appointment" method to take classes, you can find your favorite teachers in advance, and make a class reservation (there are teachers on the platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week).

most of the teacher's introduction desks will have a "calendar", you can see which time periods are available for the teacher, and you can click to make an appointment.

some teachers, because they have a fixed student base or just want to take immediate classes, will not open appointments, and the calendar function will be turned off.

2. Call now

the second-course mode, unlike appointments, allows you to start classes directly without additional appointments.

as long as you log in to the platform and see the teacher who is online, you can click on the information bar to view it, there will be three situations:

  • show "call now": the representative teacher can now start the class immediately.
  • show "estimated waiting time": indicates that the teacher is in class, you can click "wait" to notify the teacher, and wait for the teacher to finish the class to see if you want to take your class again.

however, if you want to take some classes with popular teachers, usually their itineraries will be full, or you have to make an appointment in advance to get it.

teachers can also make appointments for students!

Each teacher can set their own "Regular Student", as long as it is a Regular Student, students do not need to make an appointment, the teacher can directly send an invitation, please come to class.


#3 leave and absenteeism rules

if you have a scheduled time slot and suddenly something is not available, be sure to cancel the class before 6 hours.

if you do not take leave, if you do not enter the classroom after 10 minutes of the originally scheduled class time, you will be judged to be "absent from class" by the system.

no class hours will be deducted for absenteeism, but you will be recorded as "non-performing", and if you appear too many times in a short period of time, your appointment function will be turned off for seven days, and reservations cannot be made on these days (but the immediate class function can also be used).

what if the teacher is absent from class?

if a teacher is absent from class, the system will not deduct any hours from the student and will communicate with the teacher. if the teacher repeatedly advises him not to listen, he will directly cancel the teacher's qualification. 

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Cambly Fees (Charging Method)

package subscription system

Cambly fee is to take the form of package subscription, according to different class length, class frequency, and package cycle, there will be different prices, you can refer to the following fee table:*THE FOLLOWING PRICES ARE CALCULATED IN NTD AND SHOW THE PRICE THAT NEEDS TO BE PAID FOR "AVERAGE ONE MONTH".

 2 days a week3 days a week5 days a week
15 minutes a daybuy January: 1669
buy season: 1502
buy year: 1252
buy January: 2269
buy season: 2042
buy year: 1702
buy January: 2869
buy season: 2582
buy year: 2152
30 minutes a daybuy January: 2569
buy season: 2312
buy year: 1927
buy January: 3689
buy season: 3320
buy year: 2767
buy January: 4889
buy season: 4400
buy year: 3667
60 minutes a daybuy January: 4566
buy a season: 4109
buy a year: 3425
buy January: 6469
buy season: 5822
buy year: 4852
buy January: 8869
buy season: 7982
buy year: 6652

basically, the more you buy at a time, the longer you buy, and the more discounts there will be, but it is still recommended to adjust according to your own time, otherwise, you will not go on after buying, which is also a waste.

PS. Help you calculate a little, the average 30-minute course is NT$185, which is a low-priced course.

what are the payment methods

at present, the platform can support the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Union Pay
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard)

note that if you pay with a credit card, it will automatically renew every month. if you want to change to manual renewal, you need to go to the "accounting settings" > "course subscription plan" in the background to modify it.

subscription considerations

There are some frequently asked questions and considerations for Cambly package subscriptions, which are listed below:

  • if you buy a 30-minute package 3 days a week, it means that you must be on your 3-day refresh day (3 a.m. on Monday) and 30 minutes a day.
  • the hours you have not used up this week cannot be used until the next week, and the hours will be directly invalidated; in the same way, the number of hours you haven't used up today can't be used until the next day, and the hours will be invalidated.
  • it is calculated in hours, not in churches. if you have 30 minutes a day, you can choose to take 1 30-minute lesson, 3 10-minute lessons, or 1 17-minute + 1 13-minute lesson.
  • if you are really busy for a certain period of time and cannot attend classes, once a month you have the opportunity to go to the background "account configuration" > "course subscription program" to suspend the package, which can be suspended for 7, 14, 21 days at a time; if the time comes and you need to pause again, you will need to contact customer service (help@cambly.com) to request an additional suspension of 1 to 8 weeks.
  • as long as the subscription system is suspended, course reservations cannot be made and cannot be resumed early (previously booked courses can still be attended). in addition, after the suspension, you can still use the function of directly attending the class immediately to contact the teacher.
  • If you want to cancel your subscription and refund your fee, you will be refunded the full amount within 7 days (subject to deduction of hours already counted), and 70% (subject to deduction of hours) for more days, as described in Cambly's Refund Policy.

the above are a few common questions, if you have other questions about the package subscription or the number of class hours, you can refer to the official subscription-related faq page.

Cambly Review (Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis)

#1 pros

  • all are native language teachers: the teachers on the platform are not Filipino teachers, most of them are native teachers, and they can choose teachers according to their habits or accents they want to practice, which is very free.
  • flexible class time: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are teachers who can attend classes. there is no limit to the number of classes, depending on the package you order, you can decide how many hours you want to attend.
  • Course themes of choice: Course themes and teaching materials can be prepared for the teacher by yourself, you can also use the platform's self-made teaching materials, and you can directly carry out impromptu Free Talk with the teacher.
  • video files are watched permanently: all lessons are recorded as movies and placed in the background of your system, which can be watched when you want to review, and as long as your account is still there, the movie is permanent.
  • package subscription flexibility: you don't need to sign up for a special contract, you can buy hours according to your learning status. if you want to pause during the package period, you can also go directly to the background to pause, and the expiration date will be automatically postponed.
  • The Mobile version is convenient: there is a mobile version of the APP that develops IOS and Andriod, and the class is not limited to using a computer, and you can use the APP to conduct courses anytime and anywhere.

#2 cons

  • The system is relatively unstable: Although it is a video lesson system developed by itself, compared with other platforms, Cambly's stability is low, and sometimes the screen will be stuck or even disconnected.
  • teachers are more casual: because teachers come from all over the world and have not received unified professional training, each teacher's teaching method is different, and some teachers will lead students in a more casual way.
  • Message customer service inconvenience: If you encounter problems and want to contact customer service immediately, cambly only has Chinese customer service at present, and it is necessary to add WeChat to ask questions, which is very inconvenient.

Cambly Tips (Actual Lessons)

#1 lesson experience

Cambly is mostly foreign native speakers, and I happen to meet native speaker Cahyakali (Californian).

In the beginning, the teacher will introduce himself, in addition to asking your name, then ask some questions, such as:

  • "do you have a job?" how long have you been working?"
  • "how long have you been studying English?" when did you come into contact with English?"
  • "What country do you live in?" which city?"
  • "What language do you speak besides English?"
  • "How long have you been using Cambly?" How do you know Cambly?"
  • "Which countries have you been to?" why did you go to those countries?"

in addition to constantly asking questions, in just 15 minutes, the teacher will teach you the correct grammar and pronunciation.

in the process, the teacher will constantly encourage you to open your mouth, and will also interact with you at a slower speed, not very good at speaking English, and only a single word teacher can roughly know what you want to say, which will be of great help to people who want to practice speaking English bravely.

however, speaking English directly to native speakers one-on-one from the beginning should be more stressful for people who do not have a foundation in speaking.

In addition to my Cambly review, you can also refer to a video I found that shares a very sincere and realistic heart:https://www.youtube.com/embed/GbNurn_Dgvo?feature=oembed

#2 operation experience

Cambly is using its own software video, only need to open an interface to take lessons, it is very convenient and fast to use.

However, Cambly lacks the operation of online interactive whiteboards, and it is a pity that foreign teachers can only help you correct incorrect grammar and convey unexplained messages through text dialogs.

cambly review

it is worth mentioning that the audition part has a free 15-minute operation time, which will automatically pair the foreign teachers who are currently online for classes, and there is no need to spend extra time to make appointments and wait, which is really great. 

How to pick a Cambly teacher

Cambly has a lot of teachers, and how to choose teachers will become a new problem.

here are a few of your ways of choosing teachers, including tips to help you find the right teacher for you.

#1 View teacher ratings

at the end of each lesson, students can give the teacher a grade, so each teacher's introduction column can see an average score.

it is usually recommended to find a teacher with an average score of 4.85 or more, although sometimes you will still encounter a very thunderous teacher. (i have never met a teacher with a score close to 4.9, but the class is very unserious)

in addition, the platform has a "super tutor" mechanism, which will be displayed in the information column, which means that there are more than 700 students evaluating, but the average score is higher than 4.9 teachers, this type of teacher is quite recommended, but it is difficult to make an appointment.

#2 Refer to the self-introduction video

at the top of each teacher's information bar, there will be a self-introduction video, and when selecting a teacher, it is recommended to watch it again.

through the video, we can know whether the teacher's accent is acceptable to us, or whether the teacher's speech can be understood.

however, the self-introduction video is only a reference, sometimes the teacher may feel very fierce in the self-introduction film, but it is very nice when the class is held.

cambly teacher self-introduction video

#3 Direct private message inquiry

if you are a person who needs to prepare for the exam or license, although the teacher can see which licenses the teacher has passed in the introduction, their passing does not mean that they will teach this type of content, it is recommended to ask the teacher directly in private message.

however, it should be noted that although some teachers reply that they can teach, it is possible that they have only taught such content, and the effectiveness is difficult to guarantee, or it is judged from the teacher's reply (usually experienced teachers will ask you other questions about the license).

#4 New teachers to consider

if you have time, I would suggest that in addition to seeing the old teacher, the new teacher can also try it.

the new teacher will not have a rating, you can judge based on his profile or self-introduction video, if you feel that it is acceptable, go up to see, sometimes it will dig up the treasure, and usually, the new teacher will give you some course discounts.

Don't choose just one teacher!

it is recommended not to find only one teacher because sometimes there will be a situation where the teacher evaporates or does not match the teacher's time.

it's best to be able to find a range of teachers that suit you and include them in your pocket list to give yourself more options.


How do I cancel my Cambly subscription?

you need to click on the personal avatar in the upper right corner of the platform to enter the "subscription course plan" in the "account settings" to cancel.

Don't be aware that if you cancel your Cambly subscription, or don't automatically renew, the discount you received on your previous subscription won't be renewed on your next subscription.

How do I delete a Cambly account?

you can go to "account" in "account configuration", there is a "cancel account" at the bottom, and click "delete account" on the right to delete.

please note that if you delete the account number, all the data and records in your account will be deleted, and you must re-open a new account when you want to use it in the future.

How do I download and save a lesson video?

on the course history record interface, click on the three dots on the right, you will see a "download video" option, click to download.

if you don't see the course replay video, there are several reasons for this:

1. the film needs to be compressed, compression takes time, and wait a minute.
2. sometimes there is a platform test, and if you happen to be in class on their test platform, there will be no replays.
3. remaining technical issues.

How do I get a Cambly certificate?

You will be required to complete a 10-hour course on Cambly. You can view the "Cambly Certificate" in "Account Configuration".

the certificate looks like a sample, showing your name and the total number of class hours, which can be used as a reference for schools and businesses.

When will the Cambly platform refresh?

Cambly's daily refresh time is 3 a.m.; The weekly refresh time is Monday.

Can I contact the course teacher?

yes, click on the teacher information bar, there will be a dialog box icon at the top, click to contact the teacher text.

what should I do if I have other questions?

1. check out the faq page.
2. contact customer service: help@cambly.com

Conclusion: Who is Cambly for?

In fact, after a while, the evaluation of Cambly is a very diverse platform, the teachers alone come from many different countries, and every time they talk to different teachers, they feel particularly fresh, and they will exchange the culture and values of each other's countries and so on.

If you ask me who Cambly is suitable for, I will feel that it is a platform for everyone, on which you can choose the teacher according to your own preferences, and the course theme can also be selected by yourself, which is very flexible.

However, no matter how much, it is still recommended to listen to it in person, it is more accurate, maybe there will be different feelings after the experience, and welcome to share with me again.

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